Quote of the day—Fred Guttenberg

Under no circumstance in no place in this country is the Second Amendment under attack.

Fred Guttenberg
February 11, 2020
CNN Gives Anti-Trump Heckler Forum to Bash Trump
[Delusions are often functional.

The reality is:

  • Laws which ban the possession of firearms by adults over 18 years old are infringements.
  • Laws which ban the public carry/bearing of arms in public are infringements.
  • Laws which require the permission of the government before purchase are infringements.
  • Laws which require registration of arms are infringements.

There are 10s of thousands of such laws. Someone who claims there is no attack on the Second Amendment is either delusional, ignorant, stupid, and/or telling a deliberate lie. In this particular case I’m going with delusional.—Joe]


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  1. I believe it is important to understand how these people think. And they do. They can read the 2nd and come to completely different understanding of what it means.

    We have a VA official saying the 2nd doesn’t apply to weapons of war, therefore assault weapon bans are constitutional. We have this guy saying that nobody is coming after the 2nd. And you hear this over and over again.

    Infringers fall into three categories, in my opinion:
    1) The 2nd is irrelevant. The world is so horrible and guns are so bad, it doesn’t matter if the 2nd is there or what it says, guns should be removed from the civilian population (and maybe even from police)
    2) The 2nd does not apply to the infringement proposed (or in law) because there are exceptions to all rights and this law clearly falls into those exceptions.
    3) I know this is an infringement, I don’t care that it is an infringement. This advances my agenda (power, re-election) so it is ok.

    The first group can be swayed by facts and gentle discussion. In general they are afraid of guns because of how they are presented. Only bad people and cops have guns. Since they don’t want to take guns from cops (yet), it is ok to take guns from bad people. If a few hunters can’t hunt anymore, that’s ok. (Hunting is evil or not necessary)

    The second group is harder to sway. They believe, firmly, that what they are doing falls within the penumbra of the exceptions to the 2nd. As long as they allow the people to have some type of gun, they really haven’t infringed. And nobody needs…

    These are the sorts of people that firmly believe that utopia is possible. And if a few people get hurt while bringing utopia to this world, well that’s the price you have to pay. Very few of them realize that they are part of that price. These are the same people that freak when I tell them they are a part of the 1% because they live in the US.

    The last group of people can not be swayed. They lie and they smile while they are doing it. They know exactly what they are doing.

    As I’ve said many times, the police of the US (in states where the citizens are armed) are the most polite in the world. If you watch cop shows from the UK or other countries, you will see over and over the ways that they *expect* their law enforcement to violate their rights, and then make it “legal” after the fact.

    The politest law enforcement I’ve ever encountered where post MPs making traffic stops. They do it as two man teams. The first MP approaches the drivers window while the second MP moves into the drivers blind spot, places their hand on the butt of their sidearm and is prepared to draw and fire if the car does anything bad.

    The MP interacting is always as pleasant and polite as possible. The guy with the crew cut, a ratty shirt, driving an old beater might be the post commander as easily as they might be a private.

    When the citizens have power (firearms) they affect how law enforcement interacts with them.

  2. Well, technically one could say the 2A is just being ignored? 2A just tells politicians what they can’t do and still have the authority of their office. Legally. But were well passed legal in this country. Were a democracy! If I say I want to take all the guns. And a “majority” vote me in. By golly, I can take your guns!
    What part of democracy don’t we understand? It’s not an infringement if the majority voted it, right?

  3. Is it delusional, or it is willful lying, if someone parrots the lies of another in order to demonstrate his allegiance with the liar? And has the previous liar been deceived in turn, by another?

    Who is more the enemy; the world’s Original Liar, or the two hundredth generation ally of said liar, both deceived and deceiving, threatening to destroy you today?

    Is there any functional difference between an original lie and a parroted lie? How would we really know he difference? Who really knows what dwells in the hearts of men and women? Therefore it’s not up to us to judge on that particular point.

    Ask the Weaver family whether the 2A is under attack.

    Then again we could say that there are no “attacks” on the second amendment because no one has ever broken into the display case and tried to destroy the actual, original, physical document.

    Then again we could say that the second amendment is not “attacked”, because it’s been simply ignored instead. There’s no reason to “attack” something if you can redefine it or simply walk around it.

    I could truthfully say that I don’t know anyone who has “attacked” the highway speed limits, for example, but people do sometimes ignore them.

    This sort of parsing of words made the Media leftists envious of Bill Clinton, who was better than most of them at using the technique extemporaneously. It is rampant among politicians, lawyers and pontiffs, and they are absolute masters at it when they can sit down, collaborate, and carefully draft an official document. Best we understand how it works, so we can recognize it as it presents itself each and every day.

  4. This is up there with the three lies of dating as an adult:
    “The Porsche’s paid for;
    I’ll respect you in the morning;
    It’s only a skin rash.”

    The three lies of contemporary Leftists:
    “I’m a centrist;
    To save the world from Global Warming, surrender what liberty you have left;
    No one’s out to take your guns.”

  5. Fred has obtained dome top class hallucinogenic pharmaceuticals that are not FDA approved (but are by the drug cartels).

    Seriously, how deluded and undiscerning does one have to be to miss the axiomatic assault on our liberties and the Second Amendment in particular?

    Could we just drop him off in Virginia for a week?

    So…he is a LIAR!

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