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Irish author James Augustine Aloysius Joyce once wrote, “In the particular is contained the universal.” Mining the gold of “the particular” can be especially helpful when seeking to understand a seemingly incomprehensible event. In the Dayton, OH, incident, an examination of 24-year-old Connor Betts reveals a psychological profile startlingly similar to that of other shooters:

  • He is a single male.
  • He was a troubled teen.
  • He once drew up a “hit list” of students he wanted to kill or maim.
  • He experienced serial rejection from the opposite sex.

A leading forensic psychiatrist and expert in mass murders, Dr. James Knoll, says that “most perpetrators are young males who act alone after carefully planning the event,” according to Psychology Today. These people, Knoll asserts, are “injustice” collectors – that is, they spend a good deal of time living in a world of rejection and past “humiliations,” real or imagined. In other words, these men are world-class grudge-holders fueled by “social persecution or envy.”

Leesa K. Donner
August 6, 2019
The Mind of a Mass Shooter or Why Gun Control Won’t Work
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  1. The terms ‘Justice’ and ‘injustice’ are used as a rallying cry by one side. I think I know the answer to this but, do we have any hard numbers that indicate political affiliations of these sociopaths?

    • Not sure about politics. But most are either on, or have been on some kind of mind altering drug. Something almost no shrink wants to talk about.
      The Charlie Manson clan proved up on the MK ULTRA program. I know, sounds like an Alex Jones headline. “Was Charles Manson a CIA operative?”. But theirs no denying that it works.

    • In every write-up I’ve seen, they are either on the left, or crazy enough to not be credibly placed anywhere on a coherent political spectrum. To generalize, the conservative/traditional side of things is pretty near universal in its embrace of personal responsibility, and the progressive left largely rejects it in favor of intersectionaility victim-hood points to place the blame on others. (that is also, interestingly, a key point of fundamentalist Islam, the rejection of personal agency in favor of “it is the will of Allah!”) Mass shooters are also usually on med, and under the “care” of a “professional.” Not like the CIA would ever take advantage of such a situation, right?

      Rejection and failure among the right leads to suicide. On the left it leads to lashing out.

  2. I have had a huge issue with the so called “experts” for a long time now. These same “experts” were the ones that told everyone with great certainty that the beltway sniper was a middle aged white guy in a van. It ended up being two minorities, in a physical relationship, with ties to Islam(that was conveniently glossed over), in a converted sedan. And how does the recent anti Semitic attacks in New Jersey and New York fit the left behind, angry white male narrative? There’s just evil in the world and I think we would be a lot better off if we would just address that fact and be prepared to meet it head on.

    • Some countries do consider sexual access to be a human right and subsidize sex workers for certain people. I’m pretty sure the Netherlands does this for disabled people and it is considered a health benefit.

      • Soooo, when one gets a written note on a prescription pad from one’s doctor where the only legible words are “GET FUCKED”, one can take this to the local LCTP (Licensed Conjugal Therapy Practitioner)?

        Does one have to get an assessment from another specialist to establish what the Hazard Pay rate is for the LCTP?

        Asking for a friend. Well, since I work in IT in Seattle, asking for a bunch of friends. OK, acquaintances solely by reason of cubicle proximity.

        • As for the hazard pay, it’s probably built into the standard rates. Check with the legal brothels of Nevada for more details. There are probably surcharges applied in the black market rates as well but I doubt they are well publicized.

    • At one time, briefly, I thought his might be a good idea. Then it occurred to me that the likelihood of any level of compatibility existing between the assignees was impossibly low, and that this situation might well make matters worse.

      Assume you were single…what type of partner do you think you would be likely to get from such a system?

      • One that would incentivise otherwise hypergamous ladies to find me before we both end up in the system.

        I’m not advocating for arranged marriages (yet) but both my wife and I agree that we would have been well served with arranged marriages (even if not to each other.)

  3. the pysch wards are like jails and prisons…there isn’t enough space/money to deal with all the crazies…it’s a revolving door and if they ain’t “crazy” enough, they give them some meds and send let them go…no follow ups, no checking to see if they stay on them…and they are out there maybe living next door to you or down the street…

    • problem is that giving mentally ill folks enough treatment, enough _time_ even, to actually do them some good, costs money. and most of them are poor. and pissing on the poor is more or less the U.S. national sport; so loads of mentally ill end up homeless and without help, which — well — doesn’t help them get any less crazy.

      • This is a myth. The money is there. It’s a government program. When has running over budget and over time ever stopped or even harmed a government program?

        The reality is that they end up refusing treatment and leaving. Sometimes because the treatment is difficult, sometimes because the facility is garbage because it is maintained by government workers, and sometimes simply because humans have agency, even when they are mentally ill, and prefer to not be treated.

        • In the case of my relative. He won’t stay on his meds because he can’t get a hard on. Then he gets drunk and violent. Funny that. He’s never crazy enough to fight with someone that will kick his ass. Go figure.
          Most of the mentally ill of today were created through bad drugs and drug addiction. And their homeless because that’s the only place you have left if you spend all else on drugs!
          The gospel mission in so. Oregon had open beds every night. Why? Because you aren’t allowed to be high. If you WANT off the street. there’s more than enough money to get you help.
          We don’t have a homeless problem. We have an asshole problem!
          Funny also. All the police I talked to. (lots). Told me they don’t see many Hispanics down there. We let little old crippled white woman die of exposure. While HUD builds a brand new community for the muslim’s 3 miles away.
          The biggest growth I saw after 2008 was in Hispanic health care centers called, “La Clinica”. Those popped up all over the Rogue valley. This country has plenty to take care of the problems we have. We just don’t have the will to cure them. Asshole problems.

  4. Looking at the doctor’s list, the common factors are in the wrong order. To be useful, one has to be able to go from the general to the specific. There are many more single men than there are single men making hit lists. The order should be:
    He is a single male.
    He experienced serial rejection from the opposite sex.
    He is/was a troubled teen.
    His trouble took the form of “grievance collecting.”
    He is receiving prescription drugs for his “troubles”, whether they be depression or psychosis or incipient schizophrenia.
    He has received attention from authorities regarding his violent antisocial behavior.
    He once drew up a “hit list” of students he wanted to kill or maim.
    The first three are so common that if restrictions were initiated based on them, it would be what in Constitutional Law is called “Prior Restraint”, dirty words in Con Law. As you descent my revised list, you find fewer and fewer people who fit the criteria, and attention can be appropriately given, so long as the authorities have the courage to act. But the wrong list, combined with the wrong response leads to abominable acts which raise demands from the anti-liberty lobby to “Do Something! Do it Now!”

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