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We genuinely have no idea how many firearms there are in America, and that is fine.  We do know how many have been produced a year for the past ~35 years, the only correlation between the change in firearms in America and the change in firearm-related fatalities is negative-to-non-existent, for both raw numbers and per-American rates.  Thus, “more guns = more deaths” cannot be true.

December 4, 2019
fixed points in data
[I found the blog post quite interesting because Jonathan points out something that I knew from my multiple classes in statistics but had not thought applied to the topic at hand. That is, a time correlation does not care about absolute values of the variables being considered, just the change in the values over time.

For example the correlation between the number of firearms in circulation and the murder rate by gun fire is the same in each of these cases with the following assumptions 1) The murder rate over time is the same in all cases; and 2) The number of guns added or removed from circulation over time is the same.

  • The number of guns in circulation on January 1, 1990 is zero.
  • The number of guns in circulation on January 1, 1990 is 100 million.
  • The number of guns in circulation on January 1, 1990 is 1 billion.

And of course, the result of this exercise does not have any effect on the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. It does, however, have utility in demonstrating anti-gun people do not understand math when they claim “more guns = more deaths”.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jonathan

  1. “It does, however, have utility in demonstrating anti-gun people do not understand math when they claim ‘more guns = more deaths'”

    That is, if you choose to believe that they’re stupid rather than dishonest and evil. I choose to believe that they’re dishonest and evil, and that they are therefore far more clever and far more dangerous than any bunch of mere idiots.

    But you have fun with your gibbering idiot theory. I believe that it’ll soon be proven wrong.

    As a famous General once said; “When strong, appear weak.”
    The global left is strong, but you think they’re ignorant at best.

    • You misunderstand. By pointing out their “errors” to the public at large you put them in the situation of either admitting they don’t know what they are talking about or that they engage in deliberate deception.

      In either case rational people will have far less respect for their blather.

  2. I don’t think that they are either (some are, some aren’t), but they are true believers and think of themselves as Gods. As such they are truly dangerous and deranged.

    Logic, arguments, and other persuasive methods will have little impact on their beliefs. Even if reality intervenes they will continue without missing a step. They will never concede. They have no morality.

    Like all true believers, live and let live is not acceptable. They need us to bow down to them and they are willing to destroy us and everything we have built if we do not acquiesce to their demands.

    For us, they are truly evil and an existential threat.

  3. Facts are irrelevant to the commie left and their brain dead sycophants.
    The rank and file on the left are TOO STUPID to understand facts and
    simply emote their way through life being led by the nose via lame stream
    propaganda. The leftists in charge KNOW VERY WELL that crime is not
    caused by guns……they simply don’t care. They seek to rule with impunity.
    That requires disarming ALL OF US. Thus that is exactly what they are
    attempting to do and will quite simply DO ANYTHING to succeed in disarming us. The left has only ONE RULE in life…..WIN. Everything else is irrelevant.

  4. Many years ago I owned a small local ISP. I read a book about advertising and decided to try the magic work “FREE”. If you paid us for 6 months I charged $124 or $20.66/month. For the FREE I said “Buy 6 months and get 1 month FREE!” Our monthly rate was $25. So 6*25=150-25 = $125. In other words it was $1 more per six months than our normal 6 month rate.

    I had a long time customer call me up, unhappy about not getting the FREE month and asking to be switched over to the new plan. I said sure and then added “Ok, that’s done, your bill will be $1 more every six months now.” (He was somebody I joked with and knew). He replied to the affect “I didn’t do the math, did I?” I changed him back to the old system and everybody was happy.

    My point of this story is that people respond to emotions first and logic/facts second. They feel something and react. They don’t react to knowing something.

    It doesn’t matter how many ways we show them that guns or number of guns don’t affect rates of murder in the US or a bunch of other facts. They feel that if they could only get rid of (all? most? some?) of the guns, that the world would be better.

    It is that feeling that they will hold on to.

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