Quote of the day—Trump is a Sociopath @sharcat12

Those 53% of Republicans probably don’t even know who Lincoln was and they would kiss Trump’s feet if he asked them to.

Trump is a Sociopath @sharcat12
November 30, 2019
[This is in response to a tweet which said:

Democrats sure better nominate someone we’re excited about.

53% of Republicans polled think Donald Trump is a better President than Abraham Lincoln.

We sure as fuck better be energized and unified.

I find it interesting so many people on the left think insults are an effective response to serious thought they disagree with. Simple things for simple minds I guess.

But of course one should never underestimate the power of simple, powerful, and absurdly stupid concepts to persuade the masses. Never forget that The Communist Manifesto was simplistic, filled with absurdities, claimed communists are intellectual superiors, and persuaded millions to murder hundreds of millions of innocent people.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Trump is a Sociopath @sharcat12

  1. I don’t see the insults from the left as a response to conservatives. At least not any more.

    I now see them as a verbal equivalent of a scarlet letter or a “kick me” sign inviting other leftists to pile on. A jackal pack hunting call, if you will, as implemented by leftist bullies.

  2. “I find it interesting so many people on the left think insults are an effective response to serious thought they disagree with. Simple things for simple minds I guess.”

    The Democratic party does not actually stand for anything. Its policy positions are just crazy positions designed to allow the members to demonstrate group loyalty and virtue signaling. Having a list of people to hate is the point.

    Its why they adopt gun control policies they know are ineffective. To put a thumb in the eye of those they hate.

  3. Of coarse he’s a sociopath. Just like every president for the last 150 years or better was. Mr.12 is just pissed that Trump’s not HIS sociopath.
    NPC’s,(commies), don’t have the capacity for rational discourse and discussion. Either by brainwashing, or simply not having the intellect. Their only response to outside ideas is angry rejection. Thus, the first reaction is an insult. As anything outside the bubble must be ridiculed down to a level that it can be disposed of. Without further thought to the matter, or person.
    It’s truly a marvel of the human mind. And something one should remember whenever your around any of these vicious little creatures.
    (The monkey cage is best observed from a distance). Lincoln, who?

  4. When you stand for nothing, then any ‘good’ idea in your head wins. Progressives know that they know what’s best for everyone.

    The biggest failure of the progressives is their belief that all things are knowable and that if you can imagine it, then it is possible. Once you start down this path then you can invent the necessary science to support your ideas.

  5. And all the psychopathic things Trump says and does are only what some psychopathic Leftist “Journalist” with a textbook case of Trump Derangement Syndrome THINKS he says, or what he thinks he meant. The dogs of the left think he’s dog whistling to racists etc., so they only hear whistles.

  6. I’m betting sharcat12 believes Lincoln was a Democrat and that the Democrats were the party formed to oppose slavery.

    • That’s a common, and of course erroneous, belief.

      I rarely take bets so I probably wouldn’t agree to the wager even though I think the odds of winning are far greater than zero.

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