Quote of the day—Will Wilkinson

They’re unmoved by the mounting heap of slaughtered innocents, by schoolkids missing recess to rehearse being hunted. It’s a sacrifice they’re willing to let other Americans make, because they think democracy’s coming for their power, and they’re right.

Will Wilkinson
September 18, 2019
Why an Assault Weapons Ban Hits Such a Nerve With Many Conservatives
[It’s nice of Wilkinson to admit a few things:

  1. Rights are irrelevant in his misshapen view of our country as a democracy instead of a republic.
  2. It is the intent of the political left to remove conservatives/deplorables from power.
  3. It is the intent of the political left to confiscate the most popular firearms in this country.

These admissions provide more validation for the point made the other day. They are not after your guns. They are after you.

I look forward to his trial.—Joe]


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  1. Wow! I really wanted to respond to that mess. Increasingly, there’s no doubt where the other side stands.

  2. What is at stake. Best essay I have read this year. The horror of the gulag.
    Main thread is Solzhenitsyn’s conversion to Christ, but the analysis of the communists addiction to torture and cruelty is eye opening. Read it. Pass it on.
    People out there proclaim they are communists and socialist, without a hint of shame. Were they to proclaim membership in the great German socialist nightmare of the 20th century, they would be vilified- but they get a pass for the other –


  3. You listed his three admissions, but there are his supporting lies also:
    1. Conservatives are unmoved.
    This is demonstrably false. Conservatives are far more charitable than “liberals” and leftists, and are far more likely to be pro-life (and thus willingly take shit from the left for it).

    2. Gun bans will reduce the rate of violent deaths.
    Also demonstrably false, given that conservative-run cities and states tend to have more guns and less crime, while leftist-run cities and states, with their “gun control”, tend to more crime and filth.

    3. More of a subset to 1 and 2, he’s trying to asign a death toll to liberty, as though more liberty means more suffering and death, when we all know from repeated history that more authoritarian control means not only more death, but more suffering, stagnation and decline all around (but for a minuscule clique of rulers).

    The associating of liberty with a “mounting heap of slaughtered innocents” is a thoroughly popish sort of tactic. The left, the very people threatening innocents with punishment and death, are the ones accusing the innocents of causing said punishment and death. It’s like the abusive husband telling his battered wife, “I wish I didn’t have to do it, but you know you make me crazy sometimes…”

    It is exactly like the pope blaming the “heretics” for his having them tortured and killed, and it is exactly like the Soviet operative blaming his victims for his having to round them up and kill them. “If only they could appreciate what I’m doing for them, and for society” he thinks to himself.

    The leftists are always thinking, “If only everyone would do exactly as I say, and never question the supremacy of my authority and of my intellect, then there’d be no need for violence.” In the case of the pope, he actually asserts that his authority is imputed by Jesus Christ. He thinks he’s a god-king, and calls himself the “vicar of Christ” meaning “he who stands in the place of Christ”, meaning also, by the way, quite litterally, “anti-Christ”.

    The leftists (papists, including Jesuits, Muslims, Marxists, et al) believe that “freedom” means “no rules but what we make”, or “no authority on Earth but ours”. By contrast, Jesus Christ refers to the Ten Commandments as “the perfect law of liberty”, i.e. no rules but what God makes, i.e. no authority on Earth but God’s.

    You will note that each and every one of the Ten Commandments is under assault by the (supposedly) secular left.

    There’s the fundamental contrast in the world, until judgement day. You have either to be a “fundamentalist” or to be a de facto ally of the left (the modern incarnation of ancient Babylon). Choose wisely.

    The Bible tells us to “come out and be separate” (to not think as a Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, or Roman) and so, in addition to being a “fundamentalist” you have also to be a “separatist”.

    See how you’ve been set up? Once infected by the truth, you’re a “fundamentalist separatist”, and with a grin on your face you’re stacking up the dead bodies of murdered children, children who should be in recess and never forced to take safety drills. All so you can compensate for your small penis by owning guns. Pathetic.

    But why did Wilkinson use school recess as an example of ultimate innocence, and not, say, studying the physical sciences, or shop class, or learning something likewise useful? You see how the leftists think? You’re not supposed to be productive, and certainly you should not think for yourself. Instead you should think of “innocence” as doing nothing but playing games (and of course; doing and thinking what one is told). Of course, if one is versed in the physical sciences and good in shop class, one can readily build one’s own guns…

  4. Will, go write “useful communist Idiot” on a mirror. Then superimpose your forehead over it. That’s what the rest of us see. Hope that helps!

  5. The quote you excerpted could be applied without any change to Leftists. Trump’s activities are truly an existential crisis for Leftists as Joe Biden said, because they will make it difficult for him and others to, in the words of Governor Lepetomane in “Blazing Saddles”, “save our phony baloney jobs.”

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