Quote of the day—William Cairns @guppy270

What’s it like to be such a robotic, soulless gun nut freak, making up for an incredibly small part of your anatomy by brandishing a gun?

William Cairns @guppy270
August 23, 2019
Tweeted on August 23, 2019
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

This is what they think of you.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—William Cairns @guppy270

  1. I’m starting to think that Markley’s Law should be viewed in the larger context of identity politics where discussion with others holding opposing viewpoints is not allowed.

  2. “What’s it like to be such a robotic, soulless gun nut freak, making up for an incredibly small part of your anatomy by brandishing a gun?”

    Kind of nice, actually, thank you for asking. Among other things it means I really don’t care in the slightest what people like this think about me … so long as they leave me alone, I’m quite happy leaving them alone too.

  3. I wonder what it’s like being such a mentally incapable, morally and physically weak specimen of humanity that you have to imagine you have a bigger dick than a gun owner in order to have some aspect in which you feel superior?

  4. Wait; “brandishing”? Who said anything about brandishing? I own dozens of guns, and never at any time have I ever brandished one of them. Well OK; once, I brandished a gun at some dogs which were in the process of killing my neighbor’s livestock. The point is it was justified, and not only justified but the right thing to do.

    I could see people getting upset about gun owners, if we were in the habit of going around brandishing our gus without provocation, but where does someone get off saying we’re brandishing when he’s never met us?

    Here’s the deal with that; he hates us, and so he has to make up a straw-man argument in an attempt to make others hate us as much as he does.

    We don’t brandish, as a rule, unless there’s a really, really good reason to brandish, and so there’s no problem here, Mr. Cairns. It’s just not at all like you say it is. Also; maybe the reason you hate us is that you’ve been exposed to the straw-man arguments of the power-grubbing politicals and religio-politicals. It’s entirely possible, and so I can forgive you for being misled. It happens even to the best of us from time to time.

  5. Mr. Cairns: I really, really feel uncomfortable about your speculations about….hell, you THINKING about my wife’s genitalia. When she is done cleaning her pistol, she and I will have to “have a chat”.

    And, if she was not soul-less, I am not certain that I could have convinced her to marry me. So, there is that, I suppose.

  6. William, when you become an adult, we can have a real conversation.
    First you need to get a job and move out of your mom’s basement.
    Until then, you should be quiet when the big people are talking.

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