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There was, predictably, very little meaningful blowback on the United States Marshals Service or any other parts of the federal government. The Ruby Ridge Task Force delivered a highly redacted 542-page report. And the six marshals involved in the initial shootout were given the highest commendations awarded by the United States Marshal Service.

August, 2019
Siege at Ruby Ridge
[A similar thing happened with the Waco massacre. The ATF agents who attacked and killed innocent people were given medals and a memorial was created for the agents who died when their victims fought back.

I would like to suggest justice would have been better served if their estates, including their viable organs, had been auctioned off, the proceeds given to the survivors of the Branch Davidians, and then their heads mounted on pikes in front of ATF headquarters for a few months.—Joe]


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  1. As I recall a statement from the time, “Freedom isn’t Freh.”

    And which arms manufacturer, incredibly, hired Lon Horiuchi as a spokesman?
    Why not James Earl Ray? Had Lee Harvey Oswald lived, can you imagine him giving a testimonial about how smooth the bolt was on a new Remington model and with it he could make follow-up shots more quickly than ever before?

    And the reasoning for why to shoot Weaver’s wife through the door while she held their infant. Even the Mafia, which the Government holds itself to be better than, leaves the family out of it. The Irish, who know a thing or two about strife, have a song, “The Wind That Shakes the Corn.” You aren’t apt to get much quarter from someone once you kill his family.

    • And which President, incredibly, hired an Attorney General who defended Lon Horiuchi?

      • I missed the day in Legal Ethics class when the professor said we were responsible for the crimes we defended our clients for.

        • This is not about you. This is about what voluntary actions should disbar someone from higher office, sort of like how being a violent felon disbars people from legally owning guns.

        • It is not so much that Barr was AG when it went down, it was his extensive pro bono work after he left office to quash the state case against Horiuchi. It was a long time ago and perhaps he has changed. I will forgive if there are a lot of perp walks for the coup attempt. But until that happens, Barr is still on probation with me.

  2. I’m sure it’s purely coincidental that one of the agents who died was a former Clinton body guard, and all four were connected to the Clinton’s in some way. No possibility of Arkencide here, right?

    • You HAVE seen the the initial video of Waco, right? That appears to be a deliberate blue-on-blue hit on a team. I’m now wondering if that hit might have been the major reason for that whole clown car episode. Stage an incident to cover some wet work.

      • The Branch Davidians were reportedly observing a suspected CIA covert op at a nearby private airstrip (something like flying in drugs and illegals, or something; I forget the details). Given all the Q stuff now being hinted at or revealed, I’d suspect that it’s all a part of a long-running and overlapping set of Cabal operations. If they could whack a couple of agents who knew too much and were not compromised / controlled and on board and blame it on a buch of religeous whack-jobs, while taking out the cult who was documenting their illegal activities, while making great publicity (from the perspective of the tyrants seeking power via the use as a false flag), then it’s a three-fer.

  3. “I would like to suggest justice would have been better served if…”

    “Better served” inplies that service of justice was a goal, and simply wasn’t carried out well. There’s that Apparent Incredulity (AI) problem again. Who said anything about serving justice? Surely you don’t believe that service of justice was the government’s goal there?

    Many of us suffer from AI much of the time. OK; all of us, to some degree, all of the time. I attribute it to our projecting of our own principles, morals and values onto people who operate under completely different principles, moral and values.

    There is NO WAY to respond appropriately to any threat until we can cast off all of our AI. That’s another way of saying; “One cannot overcome any problem until he can identify it, acknowledge it and understand it exactly as it is.”

  4. The last I heard mention of Lon Horiuchi, he had retired to Hawaii.

    BTW, Lon was also at that Branch Dividian debacle. Any claims of his that he was just an observer on scene, is belied by the pile of fired brass found at his hide after the Feds left.

    The scuttlebutt is that he was tasked with killing the wife at Ruby Ridge, as the managers had decided that she was the power in the family, and they wanted an end to the standoff.
    Along with that, Lon’s excuse that he missed the running husband and hit her by accident was bullshit. He was too close to track a running target with the scope that he had mounted, plus, IIRC, the hit on the family friend at the shed that started things was a small caliber round. That would have been fired by his spotter armed with an AR/M16 type rifle, while Lon was pointed in on the doorway of the cabin. He was not an incompetent sniper. His problem was that he was willing to follow ANY order he was given by his superiors, according to his classmates. In other words, a willing stooge.

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