10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sheila Stokes

  1. Maybe you already knew this and were deliberately avoiding it but the point of mentioning “love” is that it is a somewhat rare case where one should use marksmanship as their first option.

  2. “A smile and a pistol will get you further than a smile alone.”
    I understand this is attributed to Al Capone.

  3. Hm; truly good marksmanship, I believe, requires more than a little bit of love. I say love has a lot to do with it, on all levels.

    Love, apparently unbeknownst to many, includes firm reprimand and admonishment whenever necessary, and the commitment to oppose all falsehoods. The AR in this scenario is a symbol of love in that sense then, if you will. I suppose most people would assign some macabre nature to a statement like that, but any such would be purely in the imagination of the reader. For love without strength can only take, and not give, nor nurture nor correct error, and is therefore worthless “love”. The presence of the AR thus serves, if for nothing else, as the reminder that love is only true love if backed by strength and resolve.

  4. It reminds me of the old saw;
    “There ain’t many problems that a man can’t fix
    With seven hundred dollars and a thirty-ought-six”

    With the on-going degradation of the dollar, I suppose we could change “hundred” to “thousand” and it would continue to work OK.

    And speaking of AR-10s we could update the caliber and the dollar with;
    “You can fix most problems now it’s not too late
    With seven thousand dollars and a three-oh-eight”

    • All problems fade before
      A kilobuck and six five Creedmoor

    • That is also a song by Colonel Cooper’s daughter, Lindy Cooper Wisdom. I don’t know the tune, but she also wrote a song about the four rules to the tune of “Now I Am the Ruler of the Queens Navy.”

      • That’s a Gilbert & Sullivan song, wonderful melody (as is true for just about everything they wrote).

  5. Hi Joe. You seen the news about all the purse snatchings at Costco’s around Seattle? Something like 70 or more. My neighbors daughter got hit by one of them and they knocked her down & broke her wrist. Then they got about 3500 of stuff off a credit card before she could get them cancelled.

  6. Isn’t that a Chris Knight song? love and a 45? Hey, I love my enemies. putting them out of their misery is an act of love. I’d do it for any dog.

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