3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Thomas Sowell

  1. Victims, yes, or public servants. A parasite can operate under either of these false identities, the difference being primarily that a “public servant” is a “victim” with “authority”.

    It’s the other side to the coin which says that, while you’re robbing certain people for a living, you need to demonize them while you’re robbing them, so as to justify the robbing.

    So the “victim” deserves the booty, which becomes “justice”, and the “public servant” makes it possible by giving the looting process a false sense of legitimacy. All the while there must of course be a “perpetrator class” or the whole thing loses it’s luster.

    Sowell is a jewel among men. I imagine he’s been relegated to the “perpetrator class” by the “victims” and the “public servants”. Being black can only benefit you so long as you play the victim, denying what you see around you, and Sowell is not in denial. I bet he had a good role model or two in his life.

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