Cutting the hay crop at Boomershoot

I’ve been whining to Barb about the tall grass when I went to the Boomershoot site about 10 days ago. Daughter Kim, Jacob, and I taught some new shooters (report coming any day now) how to shoot handguns and rifles and we had to drive and walk over the hay crop to get to the berm where we could shoot safely. I hated doing that. The crop belongs to the renter and we were damaging it. When I was growing up on the farm it was considered normal to be putting the hay crop in the barn on the 4th of July. This year the crop hadn’t even been cut. We did have a very late spring so it wasn’t really a surprise. Even though it was a very small percentage (probably like 0.1%) which had some damage I felt bad about it.

Yesterday the renter cut the hay and my webcam got a pretty good picture:



10 thoughts on “Cutting the hay crop at Boomershoot

    • I know nothing about bailing hey other than what I see driving down the road. Other than I can see square packing better, what is the difference?

      • Round bales are easier to handle, have less waste and are used mainly to feed cattle.
        Having horses, I square bale at about 50 lbs/bale. I have noticed out west the will bale at over 100 pounds and have seen some monsters that are twice that heavy. These are moved by machine.

        A couple of days of loading and stacking and I wish they were 25 lbs/bale

  1. I understand the feeling … but, have you talked with the renter about it? You damaged some of his crop, yes, and it speaks well of you that it’s something that you think about. Worst case, in dollar terms, how much would you estimate was lost?

    On the other hand, you have a clearly established pre-existing regular use of part of that land, so one could argue there’s a reasonable expectation of transit through said part of the land unless the rental agreement states otherwise.

    • Lost? I’m not sure what it is worth to him, but in terms of the rent paid it probably is something less than $2.00. Not important, I know, that’s part of the reason I referred to it as my “whining”.

      • Perhaps. I still think it speaks well of you that you care.

        On the other hand, that probably says you have no future in politics as they are practiced today… :-/

  2. As long as you aren’t doing anything the owner is unaware of, I don’t think it’s an issue.

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