Round bales

In the comments Gerry asked if the bales at Boomershoot would be square or round. I’ve only seen round for at least 10 years. The renter appears to have finished the baling at about 7:30 PM today.

As expected, the bales are round:




7 thoughts on “Round bales

  1. Make hay when the sun shines. Here in So KY it’s been a good year with plenty of rain, so lot’s of hay at a good price. Some years too hot and no rain and the price of hay sky rockets.

    Hay definitely follows the law of supply and demand.

  2. They are picturesque, but heavy round bales and long slopes always looked a bit…”unrecommended”, or “counter-indicated” to my eyes.

    There have been some awesome hay shipments moving around on the highways hereabouts on the Palouse lately.

    • I’ve seen round bales here (NH) occasionally. A local gentleman farmer used to get them for his cows. You need a forklift or equivalent to move them.
      Our neighbor does some haying on the side, and he makes rectangular bales with a 1940s era baler inherited from his father and grandfather. It’s fun to watch. And those bales can be lifted by hand, and even tossed if you’re in good shape. Lots of locals who keep a horse or two get these bales.
      A former neighbor from when we lived two towns over, descendant of the second farmer to settle in NH, does hay for a living. I don’t remember what kind of bales he makes, would be fun to find out.

  3. I worked on a dairy farm for a summer, 1977, IIRC… we did the rectangular bales, about 80 lbs or so. The farmer agreed to try a round baler which New Holland brought right over. We did 3 or 4 bales with it and then messed around getting them on our flatbed trailer. He’d decided to stick with the tried and true regular twine bound bales. But it was neat to see for the first time!

  4. Washington state has outlawed round bales….their cows couldn’t get a square meal.

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