Antifa takes a casualty

A domestic terrorist attacked the holding facility for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement a few miles from where I live:

Early Saturday morning, that man, Willem Van Spronsen of Vashon Island, returned to the Northwest Detention Center, the holding facility for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, this time armed with a rifle and incendiary devices, according to Tacoma police.

Police said Van Spronsen tossed lit objects at vehicles and buildings, causing one car fire, and unsuccessfully tried to ignite a propane tank.

Officers were called by an ICE employee who saw the rifle. Soon after they arrived, officers reported “shots fired,” said Tacoma police spokeswoman Loretta Cool, although it is unclear who fired first or if Van Spronsen fired at all. The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office classified his death as a homicide.

The four responding officers all opened fire and then took cover, uninjured. After medical aid arrived, officers found Van Spronsen dead. He had multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s office.

The Puget Sound Anarchists are taking credit:

We Are The Fire That Will Melt ICE – Rest in power, Will Van Spronsen [Olympia WA]

Early this morning around 4am our friend and comrade Will Van Spronsen was shot and killed by the Tacoma police. All we know about what lead up to this comes from the cops, who are notoriously corrupt and unreliable sources for such a narrative. The story that we do have is that Will attempted to set fire to several vehicles, outbuildings and a propane tank outside the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma which houses hundreds of immigrants awaiting hearings or deportations. He successfully set one vehicle on fire and then exchanged gunfire with Tacoma police officers who fatally shot him. He was pronounced dead on the scene. We find his actions inspiring. The vehicles outside the detention facility are used to forcibly remove people from their homes and deport them, often to situations where they will face severe danger or death. Those vehicles being destroyed is only a start of what is needed. We wish the fires Will set had freed all the inmates and razed the entire Northwest Detention Center to the ground. And we miss our friend and wish from the bottom of our hearts that his action had not ended in his death.

Will Van Spronsen was a long-time anarchist, anti-fascist and a kind, loving person.

He left a letter before executing his attack. It sounds like he was deliberately committing suicide by cop (click to enlarge):


This is totally on the backs of the political left. They are the ones fanning the flames.

The police have been arresting some of these thugs. But I expect the violence will continue to increase until arrests, convictions, and the occasional justified homicides have thinned their ranks much further. It’s too bad the leaders of the political left are not taking legal heat but that’s not the way it works. It’s the useful idiots like the yesterday’s terrorist who pay the ultimate price for the political evil of the left.


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  1. If I was going to honeypot a bunch of anarchist/resistance/savior-in-their-own-mind LARPers, that hostname would be very early in my checklist of things-to-do.

    It would be the work of a few hours to redirect the traffic for the IP address (so you don’t give away the game via DNS record changes) through a transparent proxy, possibly with a new server certificate obtained from the original CA via court order assuming you don’t just slurp up the original cert/key by serving a warrant on the hosting provider, and start injecting tracking code into the pages.

    Of course, don’t look at that possibility too fondly, because it wouldn’t be that hard to do the same to this site, even if Joe serves it from his own hardware and premises, not a COLO. Unencrypted HTTP is trivially easy to man-in-the-middle.

    • Or just connect to one of the host’s Cisco routers on port 69 using the TFTP protocol and upload an “operating system update” that sends you unencrypted copies of all the traffic. That is the means that Cisco uses to push out legit updates–because using TFTP bypasses all security and in Cisco routers not so much as a password is required for remote TFTP access. I don’t recall offhand whether Cisco still requires license-holders to keep port 69 open, but I think they do.

      Rumor has it that the NSA has been doing exactly this for 15+ years now, with Cisco’s cooperation, and that all Cisco hardware shipped outside the US has gone out with the bugged version of the software that phones home to Fort Meade already installed for 10+ years. This has been common knowledge for a while now in the infosec world and there were even newsmedia articles about it in 2013:

    • Tim “It’s Complicated (because I still want to be a leftist)” Pool predicted this very behavior. He’s been hammering away on the fringe left for some time now.

      He might be one of the last left-of-center talking heads that is really a centrist.

    • Antifa was mentioned:

      Deb Bartley, a friend of Van Spronsen’s for about 20 years, described him as an anarchist and anti-fascist, and she believes his attack on the detention center was intended to provoke a fatal conflict.

      But they certainly didn’t make a point of it.

  2. He tried to set fire to a cinderblock building.

    He tried to set fire to a building with people he cared about inside.

    I just don’t know where to even start with this.

    • But he was a “kind, loving person.”
      If we judge by his behavior, anyone, no matter how murderous, is a kind, loving person.

  3. Just a delusional twit, spouting leftist psychobabble.Got his just deserts.
    As my mother used to say: “good riddance, bad rubbish”

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