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Do all #Conservative men have down there and feel it’s necessary to compensate by having the biggest #gun possible? They sure get #Triggered when you point out that the Fore Fathers wouldn’t stand for the current relaxed gun laws in this country.

✳Logan✳ @Loganjefferyals
Tweeted on June 23, 2019
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Logan gets a crap for brains tag as well. There were no federal gun laws until long after the founders were dead.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—✳Logan✳ @Loganjefferyals

  1. His post is illogical at best. “relaxed”….. that means they were once stricter?
    I have to disagree with you Joe on one point. Doesn’t the 2nd Amendment count as a Federal gun law?

  2. Well actually there was the 2nd Militia Act of 1792 where every able bodied man from 18-45 was enrolled in the militia and required to provide their own musket & accouterments.

    Today, that would be like everyone being required to have their own M16/M4.

    So, he’s ‘right’ that the laws are more ‘relaxed’, but not how he thought.
    However, he’s still a crap-for-brains over educated ignoramus purporting to be a history buff.

    • He is correct that the founding fathers would not stand for the current situation.
      A blind pig and an acorn etc. etc.

  3. Wow. So this bleached blond California man-boy, who can barely string a sentence together, is now a college professor. I’ll bet his lectures are a real trip. What’s he teach – “Millennial Logic 101”?

  4. I wonder what the leftist agitators say about the socialist governments they love. Do those governments also suffer from “men have down there feel it’s necessary to compensate”? And all the leftist gang bangers; are they compensating for “have down there” as well? Every mobster kingpin? And yet those criminal organizations are more in line with leftist thinking than with any “conservative”.

    So yet again; projection. Let’s not forget that the leftist movements (communists, Fascists, Nazis, et al) in Europe prior to World War II also tended to be sex obsessed, just as, by the way, the Catholic leadership has been all along. It’s all very Romish.

    Hmm. And speaking of mobsters, criminals, leftists and other authoritarian and totalitarian revolutionaries and pirates, I seem to recall that it was Benito Mussolini who reinstated the Vatican, the papacy, as a sovereign political entity.

    It is the “conservative” (properly read as “Adherent to the Western Judeao/Christian Culture of Liberty and Responsibility”) which opposes all of the above, if only by refusing to recognize the “authority” of the various crime bosses and wanna-be crime bosses in the world. And so, of course, that culture must be disarmed;
    Hey Hey!
    Ho Ho!
    Western Civ. Has Got to Go!
    Hey Hey…

    The leftist tools and ignorant, pissed-off-loser street thugs were chanting that horse crap decades ago, at the behest of their college professors, and it isn’t going to stop until it’s called out for what it is.

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