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Democrats have made vows to place extreme restrictions on guns, but they keep running into a problem: Many of their ideas can’t go into effect because of an early addendum to the Constitution. They’re now calling this the “Second Amendment loophole.”

“We just want to get guns off the streets,” Cory Booker, one of 583 presidential candidates, told the press, “but this Second Amendment loophole makes it so we can’t do that. We need to close that loophole.”

The way many gun control advocates would like things to work is, if they read in the New York Times about a particular gun model they think is scary–like an AR-15 or a semi-automatic or a glue gun–they could then just go ahead and ban it and start taking it from people. Normally things would work this way with anything else, but thanks to the Second Amendment loophole, they can’t just ban guns because they feel like it.

The Babylon Bee
Democrats Vow To Close Dangerous Gun-Buying Loophole Known As ‘The Second Amendment’
June 17, 2019
[Via a text message from daughter Jaime.

There is so much truth and enough non-truth, which could be a deliberate lie in real life, you have think about this some before concluding it is satire.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—The Babylon Bee

  1. And the “First Amendment Loophole” means we get to say things without government censorship, either prior restraint or retaliation.
    As some brave Soviet citizens used to say, “In Soviet Union we have free speech. In America you have freedom AFTER speech.”
    Booker is clearly working on fixing that.

  2. Paraphrasing a response to a similar post on FB: I long for a world where the Babylon Bee is once again satire.

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