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  1. So I am just a little curious how our Markley Monday friends would characterize my wife. Or, is this just another avenue for male bashing; this time of a group interested in exercising an enumerated right?

    • I think it is a reaction to their lack of defendable responses to our right to keep and bear arms.

      As I have often said, “I find it very telling that we have SCOTUS decisions and they have childish insults.”

    • There is a mindset which quickly, or even immediately, resorts to sexual insults when confronted with opposition.

      By extension then of course it means that the American founders were driven to do what they did because of a sexual dysfunction and NOT out of love or appreciation for liberty. It would mean that they were utterly disingenuous, all of their assertions being nothing but cover for their obsession with their sexual inadequacies. This Markely phenomenon therefore dovetails nicely with Critical Theory, also known as Critical Pedagogy (when taught in schools as an organized program).

      In the final analysis it’s the hatred which the criminal mind has for all things good and decent. It’s a natural hatred given that the good and the decent stand in the way of everything the criminal mind seeks. It must therefore denigrate the good and the decent in any and every way possible. It can be any kind of insult or accusation, because it’s the hate that matters and not the details or reasons for it.

      Never take it personally
      Never respond in kind
      See the hater of liberty as a person in need of earnest correction
      It could even be seen as a cry for help, or a test (a love-starved child in a love-starved world, acting out, in search of loving correction, which is rarely ever found)

      Will we pass or fai that testl? Most of us will tend to fail.

      • Are they implying then, that women only own and use guns at the sufferance of their men? This idea is as bad as Hitlery saying that men browbeat women into voting for President Trump.

  2. And her reply to anybody that countered with “I’m a woman, do I have a small penis now?” or anybody else that respond with “not I” was that great bastion of liberal thought, “no true Scotsman”. I.e. If you had proof that you were not a small penis man you weren’t really a gun nut.

    Logic isn’t really their strong suite.

    Or to quote somebody or other “I find it very telling that we have SCOTUS decisions and they have childish insults.”

  3. What does this comment have to do with the fact that people died waiting for someone to stop this fiend? It’s like the feminists always saying “Teach Men not to rape.” “Well, yes, that is the purpose of a mother and a father who love and respect each other. But in the meantime, what do you propose?” Penis insults and totalitarian policies.

    • The comment by Feral Sheryl. She has no concept of how civilization works, even as she is the main beneficiary of Western Civ.

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