Quote of the day—Alan M. Gottlieb

The long delay is over. The important aspects of the motion to dismiss have been denied. Just as important, the judge’s ruling treats the Second Amendment as any other fundamental individual right that is constitutionally protected.

Our supporters have been asking for months about the lawsuit’s progress. Now we can report that the long wait for a ruling on the motion to dismiss is over, and we won the first round. And now the state, and the initiative proponents, are on the defensive.

Alan M. Gottlieb
May 21, 2019
[Here is the decision.

These things take so long that I get annoyed. It would seem to me we should get a summary judgement in our favor within a month or so, begin prosecution of the villains, and be done with it. But I recognize I have a bias. It does, however, appear we are making progress so I can’t complain all that much.—Joe]


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  1. I don’t believe 18usc. 242. has ever been used to prosecute anyone. strange, considering how many violators of it there are.(was that a naïve statement or what?)

    • The Logan Act seems to have never been used either, but to the Dems it’s finally come into its own. 18 USC 242 will have its day, too.

    • Nice!

      Just because prosecution isn’t taking place now doesn’t mean it won’t and can’t happen in the future. A lot of crimes against blacks in the deep south were ignored for decades. Some of those people were convicted 20+ years after the crimes were committed.

  2. “But I recognize I have a bias.”

    We should all have a steadfast, unshakable bias toward liberty. In fact all of our problems as a society stem from a pathological deficiency in such a bias.

    That deficiency, once upon a time, was understood to be cowardice. A terrible weakness. Today, cowardice wears the masks of hate, greed and lust (or fill in your favorite emotion) and so we don’t recognize it. Therefore we cannot judge as cowardice that which is better explained as ignorance, for to bravely stand up for anything at all, one must first know of it, then understand it, then consume it, digest it and make it part of oneself.

    Not that it matters anymore. By 1930 we were fully trained and committed as a society to look to government, and specifically the worst aspect of government, which is wholesale coercive impulse, as our primary hope for salvation. Instead of sitting up or rolling over like dogs, we’re trained to bark, “Marx! Marx!” for our treats.

    Now that the Reformation is all but abandoned, wholesale, organized coercion (the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, Roman, Fascist, Marxist system) is our master, one way or another. We either look up to it as, essentially, a god (they litterally built temples to their kings as places of worship. Today our kings settle for presidential libraries and windmill farms, but it works the same), thus wanting to get ourselves as close to it as it will allow us to get, hoping to be granted a place at its side, or we begrudgingly capitulate to it, or we rebel against it in such a way as to form a splinter, or off-shoot, of the same basic form.

    That’s that Mark of the Beast, being either on your forehead or on your hand (by knowing agreement or by deed alone), and it doesn’t matter which. Rome is satisfied to have you either way.

    • A blind eye towards Tyranny is not a virtue, a bias towards liberty is not a vice!

  3. Doesn’t matter. The courts will still rule in favor of the state in the end. This is Washington, one of the two states that will probably pass along that will cause a Civil War first. There is no such thing as a pro gun judge. The only reason a judge would have a pro second amendment ruling is because they followed the law. They may not like the law but they will begrudgingly adhere to it. The decisions they make they make with great heat in the stain for gun owners.

    I have no faith in the courts anymore. All these “pro gun“ rulings are peanuts. Not even peanuts to the sweeping gun control gun legislation that has been going on on the state level in the past two years. And remember we have on more than one occasion had a circuit court ruled that blanket bands of entire classifications of firearms are constitutional.

    • In the United Kingdom, (f)GB it was considered that the judges were lions under the throne, judges that did the bidding of the king and protected the interests of the crown. The founding fathers attempted to guard against this fatal flaw by creating what they hoped would be an independent judiciary.

  4. … ruling that law-abiding gun owners and firearms retailers do not have to violate the law and risk punishment in order to challenge infringements of the Second Amendment.

    This is big – it means we no longer have to show actual damages experienced in order to challenge unconstitutional laws…

    • Read the judge’s ruling. You still have to show that damages are not just speculative. They have to be highly probable. Still, you are correct. This is a big issue which has gone in our favor.

  5. To me, the fact that you have to go to court speaks volumes. or that this liability monster was passed by a claimed 60%?
    I mean, if you have to keep your gun locked up. what about your car?
    Some car jacker steals a car with baby in a car seat. high speed chase, crash kills baby. is mommy going to prison?
    Hell, we don’t even hold drug dealers responsible for OD’s!

    • This is an excellent point. Remember, a court has already deemed an automobile to be a dangerous weapon. This is why the act of getting into a car and driving while intoxicated (formerly at .10 bac, now at .08) is deemed to be the requisite intent for manslaughter. Anything the anti-liberty gun-grabbers do to increase the liability for gun owners is being looked on lasciviously by the trial lawyers’ Plaintiffs’ Bar to be applied to owners of cars as well. If not now, as soon as the decision comes down, some imaginative lawyer will begin drafting his first negligent-storage-of-a-car-as-deadly-weapon Complaint, with details such as date, time, place, car and what should have been done to keep it safe from some third party car thief.

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