Quote of the day—Daniel Williams (@sheriff_shively)

Ban the manufacturers from producing them to begin with you ignorant bitch.

Daniel Williams @sheriff_shively
Tweeted on May 8, 2019
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Ahh… the sweet voice of tolerance and reasoned discourse. Well, I suppose they have to make do with what they have–hate and violence. It’s comforting to know we can defend ourselves against people like this.—Joe]


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  1. I’m sure Daniel has made at least one local accountability list with his winning personality.

  2. So where will the “Good Guys With Guns” get their arms when they need to come to your rescue Daniel? What about someone coming after you with a machete, a knife or even a big stick? Ever seen anyone that is good with a sling or even your boyhood slingshot? Will bows and arrows or homemade miniature crossbows be next on your confiscation list? Are you really so naive as to think that you will never face anyone in any way that means to do you harm and has the capability to do so? Are you the biggest baddest guy around so no one will ever physically confront you? What if it is a gang of thugs? What are your plans for defending your loved ones from looters and pillagers after a natural disaster in your area? Where is your compassion for other’s less physically capable than you? What possibilities are you condemning your mother or sisters to? What kind of sociopath are you really? What do you really think will happen if ALL guns are taken from everyone? Are you certain that there will never be any black market guns? Talk about magical thinking. Our war on drugs should give you at least some clue. Make anything scarce or controlled and you will be amazed at how quickly a very lucrative black market for that product opens. It is just the way humans operate. Always have, always will. So, Daniel, keep up your snotty elitist condescending sociopathic attitude that has no socially beneficial basis in fact or human experience and just be glad that there are enough people around that understand your diminished mental capacity that MIGHT be willing to defend you when you are in dire need. That MIGHT even include Dana Loesch as she is a far more intelligent and humane person than your communication style indicates you are. But, don’t count on it!

  3. I actually think Ms. Loesch is incorrect here – it’s illegal, AFAIK, for someone who is under 21 to POSSESS a handgun – they just can’t purchase them from an FFL. Nothing in Federal law bars purchase in a private transaction. Not sure about CO law.
    The 16 year old, of course, can’t legally purchase any firearm from an FFL.

    Last I checked, theft and criminal mischief (I read that they broke into a safe to get the guns; not sure who the legal owner is) are illegal pretty much everywhere.

    • I’m pretty sure assault and murder are illegal in most jurisdictions, so we’re already covered there. Anything beyond that is redundancy, meaning it is active denial of the fundamental principles at work.

      Also, if one’s goal were to kill as many as possible within a confined area mostly devoid of security, then using just a few persons wielding small arms is far from being the most effective.

      Why do they so often choose guns then? Might it be in their conditioning? Aren’t the people crying loudest for more second amendment violations the same ones conditioning youth to think about guns as tools of mayhem?

    • Purchase isn’t possession. I was able to legally own all the firearms my dad gave me just before he passed including the pistols at 18.

      Just because the sale is banned at an FFL doesn’t mean they cannot own or possess.

  4. One side says, in essence, “Deliver us from good”, believing good to be evil, and the other side says, “Deliver us from evil”, knowing evil to be evil.

    Both sides see the other as “ignorant bitches”, and clearly there is a strong desire to view the other side as ignorant or stupid.

    In succumbing to that desire, we do ourselves a great disservice. We laugh at and excoriate the other side, altogether missing the idea of changing hearts.

    Likewise we often ascribe to miss-guided, good intentions the left’s actual evil intent. In so doing we’re providing them their defense, holding them blameless for sedition, espionage and treason.

    For a poignant example; occasionally (since I do this for a living), someone will fail to read the instructions for our AK optic mount. The mount’s “too short”, they can clearly see right away, without even trying. The piston tube retaining pin does nothing anymore, they see right away, without even trying. It’s obvious then, that this thing “Just Isn’t Going to Work”. Sometime they’ll go to great lengths, taking photographs from multiple angles, with arrows and texts to indicate each “failure point” as though building a product liability or false advertising case in a court of law, never stopping to think, “Maybe the designer knew what he was doing. Maybe the hoards of users over twenty years aren’t all slobbering idiots who can’t tie their shoes. Maybe there’s something I don’t understand, which they all understand thoroughly and completely (to say nothing of reading the instructions, which dispel all of the carefully documented “problems”).

    No no no; it’s much easier, more entertaining and especially more self-exalting to assume total, blithering stupidity and ignorance on the part of the designer, yet it in so doing we place ourselves outside any possibility of understanding the subtle working principles. If the other guy is stupid and I believe I can see it and that he can’t, then it makes me smarter, and if a hundred million people believe something that I can clearly see as “blatantly stupid” then I’m smarter than a hundred million people, and by a long way too! Ain’t I somethin’!

    It can be very entertaining and satisfying, but In this process we miss the point altogether. We deny the driving forces which make the other side do what they do, and thus we deny ourselves any possibility of addressing the issues correctly, directly or in context.

    We say that whenever the left gets it’s way, corruption, degradation and destruction do follow, and so look at how stupid they are! Hah hah; look at the idiots fail, over and over and over again, and WOW they must be stupid! Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, we tell ourselves as though for reassurance, is the very definition of insanity.

    But what if the corruption, degradation and destruction are the desired results? What if the leftist movers and shakers are not stupid at all? What if their brains are at least as functional as ours? What if, when they see the obvious mayhem and destruction caused by their leftists policies and actions, they see it all for what it is and therefore they call for more of the same because they want more of the same? Hmm? What if they’re just enemies, and what if their understanding of the tactical landscape is far more complete than our own?

    Well that changes everything doesn’t it? No longer are we dealing with hundreds of millions of blithering, stumbling, fumbling idiots and dolts, as we would like to believe. Now we’re facing a determined, intelligent, organized system of mass destruction which knows exactly what it is doing, and that’s no fun for us to talk abut at all. It means we’ve been complacent, foolish for not seeing the writing on the wall, and that we have a LOT of catching up, reconnoitering and reassessment to do.

    Anyway, if the left is such a pathetic laughing stock, why do they rule the entire world while they feed off of us? Why do they seem able to get away with murder, even?

    Also, when all of your best efforts fail, read the manual. Get a copy of the King James Bible. You may have a lot of catching up to do. Maybe the designer has a thorough and complete understanding of the situation and would love if it you’d take the time to read about it before second guessing things and jumping to conclusion on your own.

  5. Apparently this oxygen thief believes that making something illegal makes it unavailable. We can’t keep heroin, meth and cocaine out of middle schools and that stuff is illegal EVERYWHERE….only an abject moron ( which he must be) would believe making it illegal to manufacture guns makes them go away.
    Liberalism/Leftism is a MENTAL DISORDER. It’s adherents are all mentally defective.

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