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  1. Well, seems Captain Wow apparently wore out his welcome even with Twitter’s proggie standards.

  2. If being a “weirdo” means not going along with the authoritarian herd to get along with the authoritarian herd, I’m OK with being a weirdo.

    That broaches the subject; when does a rebel begin to realize that his rebellious nature has put him in the center of the mainstream herd? When does he realize that he’s reiterating what everyone else is saying, that his rebellion is compliance with a different herd? When does the rebel begin to realize that the alliance of rebellion requires the most rigid compliance, a near total absence of individuality?

    Narrow is the path and few are those that find it.

    Teenager to father, after being asked why he’s dressing like a dumb punk;
    “I want to be different like everyone else.”

    The authoritarian mind has been trying to condition us into following what is popular, or comfortable, or what makes us feel good, rather than seeking what is right, and it’s done an excellent job at it.

    There’s a total disconnect in trying to insult people who are driven by principle rather than by popularity. It’s pure projection of course, and it’s likely even a cry for help (“Save me from my pathological addiction to popularity at the expense of truth!”). It is likely a person exhibiting his weakness in sharp relief, hoping for a response which comes from strength (“Can SOMEONE, PLEASE, show me real strength, and love, and truth, and set me straight?!”)

    If no one steps up to the challenge, with real authority as opposed to all the phony kinds, the popularity addict will have had his addiction reinforced. It will have been demonstrated to him that there is no love or truth in the world, that we’re all hypocrites deserving of his insults, that there is nothing in the world but the various skill levels in play-acting.

  3. Back in Junior high/high school we were told “It takes two to make a fight!” as though it were some great revelation of wisdom. In fact it’s lazy thinking at best, and a sleazy act of manipulation at worst.

    It may very well take two make a fight, but just as likely, and more to the point, it takes one aggressor and one defender.

    The simplistic notion that it takes two make a fight is an attempt to erase the distinction between aggressor and defender, or to avoid the effort of making that distinction. Sleazy or lazy.

    In the fight over the second amendment, we see the same lazy or sleazy behavior in play. If there is no distinction between aggressor and defender, then surely the guns must be taken out of the situation so fewer people are injured or killed, just as the rancher de-horns his cattle so they won’t injure one another in close quarters.

    It is in effect saying that there is no right or wrong, so let’s be aggressors and forcibly take away the guns!

    We see then, that those trying to erase the distinction between right and wrong are themselves the aggressors. It goes like this;
    Law-abiding man buys guns, harms no one, threatens no one, works, produces, pays taxes, etc.

    His neighbor sees all of this, takes personal offense, makes up lies about the man and calls him every dirty name he can think of, and seeks to have the man’s guns taken away by force, by any means necessary. Man disagrees, and says “No! Leave me alone!”

    Who is the aggressor in that relationship, and who is the defender? The aggressor will say that he is right (criminals often do), and compassionate, and yet will gladly see the man killed so no one with a gun (an idle, but superior force) will be near the aggressor.

    The open and honest pose the most serious threat to the secretive and dishonest, and the worst, most egregious threat (and personal insult) of all is the mere existence of the honest, armed man. The honest, armed man evokes hatred in the mind of the aggressor, and the aggressor projects that hate into the honest, armed man, calling him a “hater”.

    THAT is what the left, the authoritarians, papists, et al, must never admit openly. It’s why they have to call us names like weirdo, extremist, fundamentalist, crazy, trigger-happy, white nationalist, stupid racist with a small penis, separatist, etc., etc., etc. Anything but the truth, because the truth is the enemy.

    “…He shall be reckoned among the transgressors.” — Jesus

    • Funny Lyle, I’ve been called all those things most of my life. many are even true. (probably the small penis part), and definitely the stupid part. but how does that improve their position? me being all that, with guns!
      Fear is the mind killer.(not that you can kill something that dead anyway). their minds are defined by their fears, always. Its fun to live rent free in their head. and when their calling you names, you know that’s all they have to fight with. I truly feel sorry for them. (just not enough to leave my gun at home).

  4. Hmmm. Most cops own their own guns as well.

    As does the entire US Olympic shooting team.

    All stupid weirdos, I guess. Captain Wow is not tall enough for this ride.

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