Quote of the day—John Morse

We did everything we could to work across the aisle. There just wasn’t any way to do it.

There is nothing to even talk about.

There are plenty of times where you cannot make a deal with the devil and other times where you have no business making a deal with the devil. This turned out to be both.

John Morse
Former Colorado Senate President
April 14, 2019
Gun control case study: A mass shooting, major reforms, then a political backlash
[This is what they think of you. We are in league with the devil.

I find it interesting they couldn’t find anything to compromise on. It must have been the Republicans didn’t make an appropriate counter offer. Had it been me I would have been willing to at least discuss things. My initial offer would have been to suggest to the prosecuting attorney that the death penalty might be dropped if they all plead guilty and fully cooperated with prosecution of all the other conspirators.—Joe]


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  1. I suspect they couldn’t come to an agreement because they follow the Palestinian definition of “compromise” — we demand everything and the other side has to give up what it wants, a few items at a time.

    • Of course.

      My point is that the other side needs to understand that we have already compromised and are now pushing in the other direction using their tactics.

  2. “My initial offer would have been to suggest to the prosecuting attorney that the death penalty might be dropped if they all plead guilty and fully cooperated with prosecution of all the other conspirators.”

    If compromise is to be seen as a virtue, then this is a thoroughly virtuous and generous offer, that one might conspire openly against, and call for rebellion against, the Supreme Law of the Land and yet live. Such an offer must however be accompanied with a warning, that any recidivism, which is to say; any further shenanigans against the perfect law of liberty, would demand revocation of said generosity.

    The leftist (Romish) agitators have also been teaching that “extremism” is vice. Thus we must be careful to avoid extreme generosity in offers of mercy to the deadly enemies of liberty.

    • It a perfect world the maximum penalty for every conspirator would be the goal. But resources are limited.

      The suggested compromise trades a difficult conviction of a few conspirators for the easier conviction of many. With limited law enforcement resources this is probably a good tradeoff.

  3. There is a prior history as well. Morse was the asshole who sponsored the bill that outlawed the recognition of non-resident permits from other states. It was some made up stuff about FL practices. Since CO does not itself issue NR permits, it essentially outlawed carry by residents of other states (or portions thereof) that do not issue permits (and there were more of them then). CO continues to recognize FL, just not the NR permits from FL which are issued in exactly the same fashion as the resident permits. So the pro-self defense issue knew exactly what they were dealing with.

    Also the “reforms” had they been in place would have had no impact on the killings. Morse as the former police chief of Colorado Springs was well aware of this.

  4. I remember this well, being a resident in CO since the 90s. I recall reading Michael Bane’s Blog at the time (another Colorado resident). He went to the Capital and they asked him for a magazine round limitation number he’d be happy with. He refused to give them a number.

    Of the three laws passed, the magazine limitation is the most felt, as it effectively bans the sale of semi auto rifles that use unique magazines. I bought a used .308 semi auto that came with no magazines. It originally came with a 20rd but when the original owner sold it, he couldn’t transfer/sell the magazine it came with. I was able to find a 10rd magazine online.

    The second, requiring background checks on all sales has been a bust, with the state seeing a fraction of the number of checks they expected. Either there aren’t as many private sales or they aren’t doing the checks.
    A part of this law has been strange. It requires a background check on any change of possession of a firearm anywhere but at a range or gun store. So, you can’t legally hand a gun to someone to look at, or have hold for you. Residents flooded in Colorado the next fall couldn’t legally give their guns to a relative to hold while evacuating. Also, guns seized by police are hard to reclaim, as the police aren’t an FFL able to transfer a gun (this may have been worked out by now).

    The third raised the fee FFLs charged for transfers, but paid for more staff at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation doing the checks, which makes these transfers happen faster.

    The Democrats just regained the Senate this year, and now have control of the CO house, senate and governor. Governor Polis just signed a Red Flag Bill. We’ll see if there’s any backlash from it this time.

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