Quote of the day—Batbird‏ @batbird

Liked for “gun humper on the internet.” Those guys are ubiquitous and obnoxious to boot. Sometimes I tell them they carry guns everywhere because it makes them feel like their penises are longer than they really are.

Batbird‏ @batbird
Tweeted on April 8, 2019
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Evidence shows, based on hundreds of examples, that he says this because we have SCOTUS rulings and the best he has is grade school level insults.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Batbird‏ @batbird

  1. Sigh. What a sad little (and not in the sense he means it) individual.

    When will people realize … Twitter is not a confessional, their priest doesn’t read it, and nobody cares that you just ate a pickle.

  2. A guy walks into a whore house. asks the madam, how much? She says $100.00 bucks. you got drop your draws so I can check you out first. guy drops his draws. madam looks at his little penis and sez, who you going to please with that little thing. guy sez, ME bitch!, you want to do business or what?
    Why do I carry a gun? BFYTW. (actually it’s getting fun to watch the reaction you get.) had a guy in a store the other day ask in that “snob lib” tone why I was carrying. since when do I have to answer up to self righteous bitches? was my answer. the look was priceless. he decided to leave me alone.

    • I’ve been thinking about what my response will be if someone ever asks why I carry a gun. The current top contender is, “To protect innocent people from violent Democrats.”

  3. Realizing that the QOTD and comments could have been generated by spambot technology run by lower tier, commissioned pirates in Somalia, Pakistan, or WA DC, I’m envisioning a sci-fi future in which there are no humans left; just automated systems attempting to scam one another, broadcasting AI-generated network news programming, etc., and throwing the inadvertent RF signatures out into space.

    Some alien race detects it and discovers “life” here, and they’re very excited until they realize that it all conforms to a simple set of algorithms, which they’d seen many times before, repeating over and over, signifying nothing.

    Having been created in the image of the creator of the entire universe, surely we can do better.

    • There’s a wonderful SF story you might want to read: “Code of the Life Maker” by James P. Hogan.

    • The more classic system administrator threat is:

      “Go away, or I will replace you with a very small shell script.”

      And the reason it is an effective threat is that it is not outside the realm of possibility that the threat could be implemented for many people’s whitecollar jobs.

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