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If multiculturalism was truly intended to engender harmony, they would shut the fuck up about white people. The fact that they don’t suggests a different motivation altogether.

Jim Goad‏ @jimgoad
Tweeted on April 9, 2019
[Someone famous, a long time ago said, paraphrasing, “By their action you will know them.”

The same applies to “gun safety” people.—Joe]


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  1. The flaw in the argument is teaching people how different they are from everyone else, then expecting the same folks to treat everyone the same.

    I’v enjoyed my time with hunters and shooters from all over the world even those were the only thing we had in common. It was what we had a common love for that was more important than the differences of culture, sex or religion.

    • No doubt one can enjoy the company of gangsters too, of whores and pimps and thieves, for a short while (I know I have), but eventually the reality of mutually exclusive, polar opposite, or even mutually destructive morals and doctrines and cultures comes to the forefront.

      If you’ve spent your whole life trying to blend with the infiltrating and corrupting hordes, being sure to avoid offending them, letting them know your ways, customs, properties, movements, strengths, weaknesses and tendencies, thinking yourself virtuous for “getting along”, you may find yourself in a pinch at some stage.

      “Do not think that I come to bring peace to the world”. This message from Jesus is just such a warning. It isn’t a message of overpowering the forces of evil with physical violence, but one of “coming out and being separate” from them, in the doctrinal sense, and sometimes in the physical sense, and of speaking the truth. It is the “sword of truth” which does the cutting and the separating. And how it makes the leftists squirm!

      It most definitely is NOT a message of ecumenism, or “unity”. “Unity” is the goal of the pope, the UN, and of the imams, and that “unity” is to be a unity in slavery for all of us chumps, with our necks under Rome’s authoritarian boot.

  2. It’s been proven many times over that everything in the commie play book works toward destruction. Multi-culti. is just another mirror reflecting the smoke.
    The problem is our own Casandra’s disease. we see the train wreck coming. but were powerless to stop it, or change its course. always in amazement that things so ignorant and predictable can actually be happening. and that the “best and brightest” are the ones pushing it forward. I feel like Marlon Brando, lay dying in his own blood saying, the horror! In reality its more like I’m a spider circling the toilet drain.
    But the mental exercise makes for entertaining blogging! thanks Joe!

  3. I believe it was, “by their fruits you will know them”, but either is true; motivations drive actions, actions bear fruits.

    The left’s deceptive rhetoric works, and it often works well, but deception is by nature temporary. Eventually the pattern of behavior reveals the underlying motivations and intentions, no matter how masterfully delivered the lies.

    It is true that “there’s a sucker born every minute”, and it is indeed a workable basis for operations, but the implications which accompany it are dire. For one thing, eventually there is a large number of former suckers desiring justice, and they’re surrounding you. Torches and pitchforks tend to come to mind.

    This is but one of the reasons why leftist/authoritarian/Jesuit/Marxist/Romish/Masonic/papist/Islamic systems must always come around to mass killing at some stage. The number of former suckers (apostates and heretics) must be managed. It’s the one and only reason for gun control of course, and for public education.

    I believe it’s also a compelling reason for perpetrating mass illegal immigration programs, as practically all the formerly Western nations have been doing; if one does not have enough up-and-coming suckers, one recruits and imports them from foreign sucker cultures. One can then readily imagine an international trade it that most valuable commodity of suckers, for without a ready supply and stock of suckers, the whole Medo-Persian-Greco-Roman-Fascist (antiChrist) system collapses.

    It’s all about sucker management then. The number of suckers must be maximized, while the number of former suckers are minimized. Your former suckers are your biggest threat of course, and must be put down as “Extremists”, as “Fundamentalists” and as “Separatists”. And of course you need a continued supply of new suckers. In this grand endeavor there are many and various means, but the ends are crystal clear.

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