2 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Actually, no. It would be more accurate if the finger were planted somewhere entirely different — such as on the ground. The cartoon suggests that the laws are aimed at the murderers but they aren’t good enough so they get circumvented. That gives them way too much credit.

    • Absolutely! The cartoon makes the erroneous assumption that the politicians believe their own bullshit.

      In fact there is no altruistic morality at play. The pretend morality is at best a distraction.

      We are watching theatre.

      Same goes for the Catholic Church. They espouse an exoteric “morality” which is a distraction from their esoteric doctrine. Most of their followers know only the exoteric “morality”, which is a lie, and so it’s hard to fault them. When caught, the clergy hoewver, who are trained in the esoteric doctrine, frame it as if their exoteric morality has been “corrupted” when in fact it was never anything but a front. The corruption is and has been a feature all along, not a bug.

      Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it! I’ve been saying for some time that it is critically important to understand this sort of dichotomy between assertions and intentions, between the exoteric and the esoteric. We’ve used the handsome and charming man, Ted Bundy as an example many times also, but how deeply do we really understand the comparison?

      To what extent do we remain in denial of the fact that “we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6;12

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