More adults are making themselves heard

Denver police union joins opposition to ‘red flag’ bill

We stand with our members, sheriffs, and law-abiding citizens who oppose this legislation. We encourage our elected officials to continue the conversation and include all stakeholders as we strive to keep our communities safe.

I don’t know if it’s really true or not but it feels like more and more people with some authority and, potentially, real physical power are telling the tyrants, bullies, and useful idiots it’s time to behave.


4 thoughts on “More adults are making themselves heard

  1. Aside from the extra work and danger involved in expanding protection order enforcement due to red flag laws, I think many in law enforcement have realized that theses laws can and will be used against them. Law enforcement is a highly stressful occupation that demands time and dedication. Often, these demands cause difficulty in personal relationships leading to ugly breakups.

    • Law enforcement is especially stressful, for a principled individual, given that they’re already charged with enforcing so many other unconstotutional, quasi-constitutional and anti-constitutional “laws”.

  2. It is weird; I get the same impression. It’s hard to put a finger on it, but the pendulum for liberty (which was swinging our way over the past few years) was halted, but now seems to be picking up momentum in our direction again.

    I see the progressive view not so much as bullying, but like the unruly child who threatens to hold his breath until he gets what he wants. When that doesn’t happen, the blue-faced kid has to deal with the hypoxia and embarrassment. I hope they soon have to deal with the sore butts you suggest, as well as lack of air.

    Maybe we’ll see another Congressional cleanout similar to ’94? Sure hope so.

  3. Some rather surprisingly true statements have come out of late. This will continue, while at the same time the dark side will redouble its efforts at blurring the distinctions.

    According to prophesy, at some point the line must be drawn, clearly and distinctly for all to see, between truth and error. Given the amount of lies, obfuscation and misdirection in the world, and the fervency, pride, arrogance, skill and tremendous resources with which they are promulgated, that would indeed be a miracle!

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