New Zealand gun registration

Nearly ten years ago I blogged about the state of New Zealand gun registration and licensing wasn’t going quite like what the ant-gun people had planned. Once upon a time they had “lifetime gun licenses”. When the anti-gun people decided that wasn’t good enough the went to 10-year licenses in 1992. The told the “lifetime licensed” people to turn the guns in or renew their licenses. 50K of those, about 22%, of those people who were already “on a list” openly refused to comply.

By 1997 the 10-year license wasn’t good enough and they wanted 3-year licenses.

And you know what they want now.

Just say no to gun registration. If they persist, tell them Μολὼν λαβέ because we know how this story ends if we don’t.


2 thoughts on “New Zealand gun registration

  1. Just think….if Dems would just walk the walk.
    Specifically….let’s face it….guns…..they want them banned…..they say, because of all the crimes committed by those using them.
    My prediction….if ALL Democrats turned in their firearms, “gun” related crimes in America would drop by 90+%.
    That would leave the rest of us to continue to enjoy our chosen lifestyles.
    But of course….they really want them banned, because we are an impediment to them and Marx taking over the nation.

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