How’s that gun licensing working out for you?

Most people know that massive numbers of gun owners in Canada ignored the licensing requirements for long guns. And after spending about $2 Billion the Feds have been giving serious thought to scrapping the registry. Similar results are occurring in New Zealand:

Thousands of firearms remain potentially unaccounted for despite a police campaign for lifetime gun licence owners to renew or hand weapons in.

Police national manager operations Tony McLeod said nearly 50,000 people had not responded by the end of a campaign targeting lifetime gun licence holders to renew or surrender their weapons in 2002.

The Government scrapped the lifetime licences in 1992 for 10-year licences after David Gray killed 13 people in Aramoana in 1990.

Mr McLeod, who said there were about 225,000 licensed firearm owners with about 1.2 million guns in New Zealand, could not confirm how many weapons had since been retrieved.

He said police still actively pursued expired lifetime gun licence holders, but there was “also a process of natural attrition in relation to these”.

50K people who had originally registered with the state as gun owners are now openly defying the law. That is about 22% of the known gun owners defying the law. I wonder how many originally defied the law to register.

Μολὼν λαβέ


One thought on “How’s that gun licensing working out for you?

  1. As far as I can tell, “Lifetime License” means it expires when you die. That’s a contract. If the government breaches that contract, they are not legitimate in their efforts, and the citizens have no duty to obey. They can’t put every one in jail, and they KNOW it. Civil Disobedience is a bitch, isn’t it?

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