Quote of the day—Mike B @actorhustle

The next Dem/Progressive president just has to stand up to the NRA and implement a sweeping ban. Call the gun nuts bluff and just lock it down.

Mike B @actorhustle
Tweeted on March 21, 2019

No legislation needs to pass the House or the Senate. No consideration for constitutional issues. No consideration for the refusal of law enforcement to enforce new gun laws. No consideration for the states which say such a law would not apply within their borders.

And, most importantly, no consideration that gun nuts own 400 to 600 million guns, billions of rounds of ammunition, and… Might. Not. Be. Bluffing.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mike B @actorhustle

  1. Stop contaminating the air in his bubble!

    Seriously, while some would say “it’s just the internet and he’s not serious,” I would counter that we often learn the most about people in moments of unguarded speech. That includes what someone posts online.

  2. Right.

    Call the gun nuts…


    You sure about that slick?

    At least there would be no more equivocation.

  3. That’s not how that works.

    That’s not how any of this works.

  4. With that attitude, I don’t think he will make it to trial. I do enjoy the honesty though. proof positive of what we’ve always known. Hon, were going to need more ammo!

  5. A lot of the true believers say something to this effect, and it always reads like they’re standing up to a bully. Like all you have to do is show some spine and the other side suddenly has no power to oppose you.

    I think these people were always tormented by powerlessness their whole lives, and this is their way of compensating for it. They were losers who couldn’t stand up for themselves then, and they’re still losers cuz they never learned how.

  6. To date the commie left and power mad politicians have given us some
    20,000 laws ALL of which are direct provable violations of the Second
    Amendment. And honest gun owners in America have DONE NOTHING.
    Because we are peaceful and honest. Thus the left TRULY BELIEVES
    that we will NEVER do anything in response to their assaults on our freedom
    and our rights. And to date they are correct in that assumption. Till we start
    openly exterminating the commie leftists seeking to rule us they have NO REASON to end those efforts and in fact will continue and expand them until
    THEY WIN AND WE ARE DEAD OR IN BOXCARS. Want your freedom back?
    Want the never ending assault on our rights to end? START KILLING the people attacking freedom and rights. Won’t shed their blood? Then learn to love slavery….if you are allowed to live. THAT is the UGLY TRUTH about where we are in America today. We ain’t voting our way out of this mess.

    • Is this advice only for others? Or do you, or anyone you know, practice what you preach?

      • It’s neither advice nor recommendation. It is simply a statement of REALITY. The founding fathers didn’t
        BLOG their way to freedom. They SHOT BRITISH SOLDIERS. And as long as people who wish to be
        free refuse to kill the people seeking to end their freedom
        then FREEDOM ENDS. The truth is uncomfortable….isn’t it.

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