Quote of the day—Call Me Donald @LoserInChief

I wish more gun owners did this. #ThinningTheHerd

Call Me Donald @LoserInChief
Tweeted on March 3, 2019 in response to Man out for a morning walk shoots himself in the penis, Indiana police say
[It is somewhat refreshing when the anti-gun people slip and admit what we have long known. That is, they regard people as cattle and think it a good thing when those they view as inferior or a threat to their “enlightened governance” are maimed or killed.—Joe]


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  1. They seem to have a need to hate. Without hate, they would be like an empty jug. It is very telling when some control freak wants more severe punishment for possession of an object, than for actually harming another person.

  2. If you are afraid of guns, I have some straightforward advice for you:

    Buy as many of them as you can afford, and put them inside a safe that can’t be opened from the inside.

    Then, exert your will over them and show them who is in charge by taking one of a small ones out and keep it entirely under your control by binding it up in some kind of purpose built container, leather or some kind of plastic (your choice), and strap it to your personal body. Walk around all day with it on you as if only your desires matter, not its.

    (Don’t forget that container-thing, because it is designed to block the mind-control rays. People that carry small firearms on their person without a ‘holster’ have a statistical likelihood to have their minds scrambled by the mind-control rays and shoot their genitals. That’s science, right there.)

    Every once in a while, you’re going to have to call out the big guns. Literally. Open the safe, and select a gun too big to carry on your person all day. Show it that it, too, is not beyond your control by putting it into a case sized to contain it. Take it to an appropriate facility, then take it out of the case, and completely dominate it with your will. Point it in a safe direction no matter what the mind-control rays are saying, load it when you want to, and purposefully fire it into a safe target and nowhere else. Once you have show it that its mind control powers are puny and weak, put it back in the case, take it home, and put it back in the safe where it can tell all the other guns how you just Fifty Shades of Gunmetal’ed it and then put it away like it was just a lump of metal. Pour encouragez les autres. Then go to the bar and brag about what you just did to your friends.

    That is how you Gun Control. Don’t let the government get involved because they’ll do it badly and indifferently, just like everything else they do.

    • “That’s science, right there.”

      Yep; and it’s “settled science”, because you and I together have “consensus” on the matter and we all know that “consensus” means the science is infallible (like the pope).

      No one wants to be accused of being a science denier. All must bow down to, and worship, and pay tribute to science. All must genuinely, earnestly and enthusiastically agree, and never question, because science does not allow for questions (one does not ask the gravitational constant to answer for itself, nor change its value however slightly or for whatever reasons, nor demand that the distance between New York and Los Angeles be re-examined or appended) , else they be put down like heretics of old, for to deny science is to deny the very foundations of civil society. QED, drop the mike, end of discussion (freedom of consience is fine, and welcome, BUT any further attempts at discussion, or so much as a raised eyebrow, will be taken as an act of violence against science, and dealt with accordingly).

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