The anti-gun people have a narrative of “gun safety”. We know, as do they, they have never encouraged people to take a gun safety class or learn about guns. Ignorance and deliberate deception is all part of their game plan.

They insist background checks are “common sense” and save lives. They don’t save lives and are a deception for the real objectives:

  • Creating lists of gun owners
  • Delaying the exercise of a specific enumerated right
  • Increasing the costs (time and money) of exercising our rights

They insist we don’t need a particular type of gun or accessory and we end up trying to convince them we do need it. It’s a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs. They should be the ones attempting to convince us there is a “compelling governmental interest,” and have narrowly tailored the law to achieve that interest (strict scrutiny). Until they can do that the proposed law does not pass constitutional muster and they are attempting to infringe upon our rights. The default position is the proposed law is invalid until they can conclusively demonstrate they have met the requirements.

As it is we are playing defense and losing in public opinion.

It would seem to me that we need an easy narrative of our own. It must be something that tweets and sound bites well. It must put them on the defensive. We must gain the initiative in social media and when we contact our political representatives.

I discussed this with Brian K. and we came up with:

These can be used in a variety of ways:

Think women shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns without a man’s permission? #EnjoyYourTrial (Aimed at may-issue states.)

Send teens to war but don’t let them own handguns? #EnjoyYourTrial

Disarm peaceful African Americans because they live in the wrong state? #EnjoyYourTrial.

Deny me the right to defend my family because of my skin color? #EnjoyYourTrial

You are trying to ban guns in common use protected by the Heller decision. #EnjoyYourTrial

A right delayed is a right denied. #EnjoyYourTrial

You are demanding people ask permission for a guaranteed right. #EnjoyYourTrial

Background checks don’t save lives (https://fee.org/articles/california-s-background-check-law-had-no-impact-on-gun-deaths-johns-hopkins-study-finds/) and infringe our rights. #EnjoyYourTrial

Gun control is prior restraint of specific enumerated right and is illegal. #EnjoyYourTrial

“Red flag” laws are prior restraint and are illegal. #EnjoyYourTrial

What you are doing is illegal. Everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. #EnjoyYourTrial

In each invocation you can include http://bit.ly/EnjoyYourTrial1 (for private citizens) and/or http://bit.ly/EnjoyYourTrial2 (for politicians, law enforcement, and other government employees).

Yes, I know it’s not 100% correct in every context. But the point is to gain the initiative and put them on the defensive. I think this has a chance of doing that.


11 thoughts on “#EnjoyYourTrial

  1. While “strict scrutiny” may be the best we can get right now, it is a concept completely without basis in the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t say “may be infringed if the government has a good excuse” — which is what “strict scrutiny” amounts to in plain English. (“scrutiny” without the “strict” is similar, but with “has some sort of not completely absurd excuse”.)

  2. That’s no good, because we aren’t trying anyone for such crimes. therefore it is a meaningless statement

    • And we won’t until people start talking about it and demanding the law be enforced. At this point it’s about shifting the initiative, not actually going to trial.

      One could just as easily say, “Gun control can never happen because of the Second Amendment.” But yet, it is. This is because people started talking about as if it were possible. And now it is.

      • We might soon have an opportunity to try this in Pennsylvania, but I won’t be holding my breath.

  3. To me, this sounds like a great idea! Fighting back in the twitterverse!

    Now, assuming it catches on, and thousands of us start tweeting, what if twitterheads (management) block this? We need a plan to deal with that.


  4. Is it too early to point out that both of those federal statutes describe crimes punishable for over a year, which under federal definitions (18 U.S. Code § 3559) classify as a variety of felony where a letter grade is not otherwise specified, and furthermore under Washington State law (RCW 9A.16.050) it is legal to use force up to and including deadly force to prevent the commission of a felony upon oneself or any person in your presence?

    If you’re not convinced by the “not more than 10 years” portion of the law qualifying as a federal Class D felony, then you might note that both of those federal statutes include in their provisions that if an “attempt to kill” is used in the commission of said crimes, the offender may be sentenced to any term of imprisonment or to death, which is straight-up under federal guidelines a Class A felony.

    Furthermore, it is legal to use force to apprehend a person attempting to commit a felony in order to deliver them to a public officer competent to take them into custody. We might be able to peaceably suggest that a reluctant person ordered to implement these illegal acts to quietly submit to a citizen’s arrest and turn state’s evidence against his co-conspirators in exchange for leniency.

  5. I like the concept!

    Minor correction needed for “Think women shouldn’t be allowed to guns without a man’s permission?” Something should be between “to” and “guns.”

      • Oh, I dunno.

        I find the prospect of being allowed to guns quite appealing.

        However, I tend to have reckless disregard for the perversities I have done to/with/near the English language, so your mileage may very. The hussy had it coming, though, with her mixing of French, Latin and Germanic linguistic roots and jumping on every new patois she met. She was wearing a dangling participle, too.

  6. The lefts concern for “safety” is a lie….a BLATANT lie. They don’t give a red rats ass HOW many Americans die…..as long as they get to disarm us….so they can RULE US. It’s like virtually EVERYTHING that comes out of the piehole of a leftist…..it’s a LIE. Lying is what they do…..it’s almost the ONLY thing they do.
    It’s congenital. The are such habitual liars that they will frequently lie when they
    would be better served by telling the truth…..they just can’t help themselves.

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