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Prosecutors told the judge that Burke, who has publicly opposed the National Rifle Association and proposed multiple gun-control ordinances over the years, had 23 guns at his offices alone.

Associated Press
January 3, 2018
Powerful Chicago council member charged in federal probe
[You probably will have to put some special effort into finding where it says which political party Alderman Ed Burke belongs to. But you can take an educated guess and almost for certain get it right in about 100 milliseconds.—Joe]


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  1. Chicago? Yeah, pretty much. I lived in the area for about a decade starting about 20 years back, and am very glad to be out of the state.

    But, for the record, his party affiliation is given right at the start of the 7th paragraph … not a long read from the start of the article.

    • I just did a quick search for a couple dumb things GOP senators and reps from my state have done, and in each case the fact that they are republican or Mormon is prominently presented in the headline.

    • But, for the record, his party affiliation is given right at the start of the 7th paragraph….

      That’s exactly the point. You have to read down to the 7th paragraph to learn he’s a Democrat.

      If he were a Republican, it’d be in the headline — “Republican Alderman Ed Burke charged in federal probe” — or at least the synopsis. The report also mentions former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and his conviction for corruption, but again fails to mention “Blago’s” party affiliation (he’s a Democrat).

      That’s done on purpose, and it’s not a new thing: Hide the ‘D’, Showcase ‘R’

      Also interesting that in the same sentence they state the party affiliation, they also choose to mention that Burke’s law firm represents a tower owned by Donald Trump, only to point out in the next sentence that the federal case doesn’t have anything to do with Donald Trump.

      If it’s unrelated, it’s irrelevant. Why mention it except to imply it’s related?

      • Newspaper articles are written in an inverted pyramid format. The most important information is written up front, assuming that most readers will only read the headline and top paragraphs. Fewer readers will read down to the 7th paragraph.

      • Just remember – the mainstream media are just Democrat/Globalist operatives with a byline and a well-laundered paycheck. Thinking of them that way makes what they write make a lot more sense. The alternative is that they are some variation / combination of insane, moronic, and evil.

  2. Corruption and hypocrisy in Chicago? Really? In other news, water is wet.

  3. Some animals (and political parties) are just more equal than others! Fortunately, in Seattle that would never happen. None of the Seattle or King County council would ever feel more righteous (interesting word there…) and privileged than the common man.

  4. You probably will have to put some special effort into finding where it says which political party Alderman Ed Burke belongs to.

    It’s a common thing among the media. Been going on for years with no end in sight.

    Hide the ‘D’, Showcase ‘R’

    Just one more example of how the media is a propaganda arm for the Left. If you weren’t paying attention, all newsworthy politically-connected criminals would be either Republicans or “affiliation unknown”, leading low-information voters to the conclusion that they’re all Republicans. Democrat criminals get their affiliation suppressed … IF the media reports on them at all.

    The media has been called out on it many times, but they still do it. That proves it’s an intentional effort.

  5. “…Burke…opposed the NRA and proposed multiple gun-control ordinances…had 23 guns at his offices alone.”

    Herein lies the heart and mind of the anti rights movement. That mind says to itself, “My guns give me a comparative advantage only if the people are disarmed.”

    Never call them “anti gun”. Those behind the anti 2A movement very much want their guns. They keep “arsenals” in “bunkers” as they accuse us of keeping “arsenals” in “bunkers”, and in light of that fact, we may see more clearly their motivation in questioning the sanity of those gun owners who are pro 2A.

    So it’s never really been “pro gun” gun verses “anti gun”. Don’t ever fall for that fake dichotomy, or the fake dichotomy of Democrat verses Republican. In fact it can only be pro liberty verses those who want a monopoly on guns (and on everything else).

  6. Of COURSE he owns guns…..it’s not that demonrat politicians don’t believe in guns. It’s just that they believe only THEY should have and control them. He’s the classic typical commie demonrat…..meaning if it weren’t for double standards
    he would have NO standards whatsoever.

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