Quote of the day—Steve @EnragedApostate

It might take years & a lot of ordnance blowing away gun fondlers to kingdom-come, but it will be worth it. Go ahead & reach for it: give us the justification gladly.

One way or the other, this planet is going to get on with the process of being civilized and being rid of you knuckle-draggers.

Steve @EnragedApostate
Tweeted (and here) on September 26, 2018
[Who is this “us” he is referring to? It can’t be law enforcement because over 70% of them have a favorable opinion to not enforcing more restrictive gun law and over 60% would not enforce more restrictive gun laws if they were Sherriff or Chief! Less that 20% say they would definitely enforce more restrictive gun laws. The military aren’t going to be any more inclined. And people like him aren’t going to be doing it.

Beyond his delusion what is important is that this is what they think of you and they want you dead.

And, apparently, Steve didn’t get the memo. The gun is civilization. Those who claim “civilized countries” are disarmed have it exactly backward.

Another observation worth noting is that I’m willing to bet Steve is another one of those anti-gun people who have difficulty grasping numbers. Someone so eager to commit genocide would be well advised to get a better grasp of reality.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Steve @EnragedApostate

  1. To kingdom come, eh? There’s some Adventism in those words, but does he know it?

    It could be however, than an enraged apostate speaks of some other “kingdom”. That “other kingdom”, we are told, will be extremely violent and short-lived.

  2. It can be another feature…

    Piss Ant of the week.

    You should have all the justification you need.

    Come on.

    • I once promoted shaming and mocking, and was even quite good at it if I may say so, and entertaining as it may be it will never change hearts and minds. It can only increase the enmity and polarization, solidifying the determination of the two warring sides.

      But one side is actually fighting, and winning, because it’s good at it, it’s organized, and rich, and powerful, and has centuries of experience at it, and that side isn’t the side of liberty.

      Mock away if you like, but I tell you it’s more like pissing into the wind than turning minds toward the truth.

  3. Interesting how he puts an Islamic flag next to the US flag. Probably another ignorant leftist that has no clue how life under Sharia would be for him and his family. Typical wishful thinking that has little to no basis in facts. But he’s willing to start a war he has a good chance of dying in, even if he isn’t willing to actually take up arms. Our infrastructure is somewhat delicate, and most of his kind are concentrated in areas that are very dependent on easily disrupted services.

    He’s a fool. Unfortunately, there are enough like him to present a danger to the Republic, and he may get his wish acted on. He won’t like the result.

    • “Interesting how he puts an Islamic flag next to the US flag.

      Not really. It’s just like the U.S. having a progressive president, progressive representatives, the federal reserve and a welfare state, all overlaid on an ostensibly free state;

      America The Free, blended in equal measure with vehement anti-Americanism.

      Or it’s like healthful food blended in equal part with deadly poison (in “love and harmony” of course); what will that do to the body? That describes the tactic and the goal, and it’s been working.

      The term for it is “ecumenism”; the blending of truth and deadly error, in one big happy family (to destroy truth and promote error), but you know it better as globalism, the “new world order” etc.

      Sure; you can have the “freedom” and the “food”, but first you must accept the coercion-based ideology and its infrastructure, and take the deadly poison, and you must pay for both. But don’t worry; it won’t kill you straight away, and by the time it really catches up to you, you’ll be old and weak anyway.

  4. When Steve is blowing me to Kingdom come for the crime of owning an object, does he plan to separate me from my children or just blow us up all together? I ask because I know that separating families is a big deal for those people.

    • The Left, working through activist judges, have been doing their best to break up the family unit for a LONG time. They believe the government should raise all children. Their best result, so far, is to separate the father from the family. They have been spectacularly successful in the Black community, virtually destroying any resemblance to normal families.

      The default judgement in any divorce is to give the children to the mother, even though research, and simple observation, shows that men raise better children on their own than women do. There are a number of reasons for this, the most important seems to be the psychological difference between them.

      In addition, women as single parents almost always end up leaning on the government for assistance, which gives the .gov more control of the end result.

      So, the Left screaming about the children of the illegals is just a ploy to make Trump look bad, and nothing to do with being concerned about them. Being concerned about the children of The Deplorables? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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