Quote of the day—Vincent Harinam & Gary Mauser

The Canadian gun-ban debate may prove instructive for Americans looking to avoid the consequences of hasty, emotion-driven gun legislation. Three lessons can be gleaned, with each highlighting the pitfalls of a distorted national conversation and the ineffective legislation it breeds.

Lesson 1: A failure to recognize past failures dictates calls for more restrictive legislation.

Lesson 2: Politicians prefer grand gestures over measured policies.

Lesson 3: Long term and secondary consequences are rarely considered.

Vincent Harinam & Gary Mauser
December 17, 2018
Canada’s Impending Gun Ban: Three Lessons for the U.S.
[I think there analysis is pretty good for the majority of the population who isn’t already committed to a side. The pro-freedom people already see the path we are being guided down as leading to disaster.

The anti-freedom people see the above “lessons” as features to snooker the sheep and useful idiots.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Vincent Harinam & Gary Mauser

  1. Back in 1999, I was on a remote assignment for my company, working in Montreal. During this time, a nut shot up the public transportation bus facility in Toronto. I could not believe my eyes when, the next day I saw the headline of the Montreal English newspaper that read: ” Thank Goodness It Was A Registered Gun!” My immediate thought was how could any rational person believe that there was some benefit or virtue in the fact that a nutcase had used a weapon to kill several innocent people because he did it by using a registered gun. How is it possible that people can think this way and still remain breathing? There is truly something miswired in their cranial cavity so I guess it should be no real surprise when these lessons are identified. The real question, however, is how can you get the sponsors of the actions that spawned these lessons, or those who wish for similar actions, to understand what they have done or will do? I don’t think that is possible.

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