Quote of the day—City Council of the City of Republic, Washington State

A. The Republic City Council declares that all federal and state acts, laws, orders, rules and regulations past, present or future, in violation of the U.S. and/or State Constitutions are not authorized by the said Constitutions and violate the true meaning and intent as given by the Founders and Ratifiers and are hereby declared to be invalid in the City of Republic, shall not be recognized by the City of Republic, are specifically rejected by the City of Republic and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in the City of Republic.
B. No agent, employee, or official of the City of Republic, or any corporation providing services to the City of Republic shall provide material support or participate in any way with the implementation of federal or state acts, orders, rules, laws or regulations in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article 1 Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution.

City Council of the City of Republic, Washington State
From Facebook on November 9, 2018
[This is very much like the contemporary Firearms Freedom Act at the state level and the Personal liberty laws just prior to the Civil War:

Because most of the abolitionists and supporters of the Personal Liberty Laws resided in the northern states, the controversy added to the already growing rift between the two halves of the country.[1] The northern states refused to repeal the laws and the southern states were not willing to give up slavery. The end result was the bloodiest war of American history; the Civil War.

See also what the Spokesman Review has to say about the proposed ordinance.

I wonder how this will work out if an 18-year old were to travel there to purchase a “semiautomatic assault rifle” after I-1639 goes into effect. Would the gun shop owner sell to them knowing it was against state law but the local police had orders not to enforce the law?

We live in interesting times.—Joe]


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  1. This looks like good news. Now we just need more communities to issue similar ordinances. It at least sends a loud message that not everyone is willing to accept I-1639. We also need to figure out what we can do to support Republic.

    I do wonder how it will work out. Sanctuary cities that are refusing to assist ICE have so far gotten by with it and states that legalized marijuana are succeeding. And even cities like Seattle are not enforcing laws violated by the homeless and other least privileged individuals.

    Still, do we really want a country in which everyone is free to ignore state or federal law? Is that not the beginning of anarchy? Or perhaps this is a solution to the authoritarian rule of the leftist?

    • Not just Seattle; consider San Francisco and nudity and defecation in public.
      In a terrible way, it is a solution to the heavy murderous hand of rule by Leftists. Ultimately the government in the Soviet Union just sort of faded away in 1989 as it could not hold the people back from crossing at Checkpoint Charlie, keep the East Bloc states in, or the Baltic states, or the central Asian republics. I remember an editorial in Reason Magazine at the time in which the author asked forgiveness “Forgive me, Dr. Marx*, the state IS just fading away.”

      *This is not a failing of anyone who reads this fine blog, but there are Leftists out there who consider Karl Marx to be an “economist”. If he’s an economist, I’m a neurosurgeon.

      • “Is that not the beginning of anarchy?”

        No. The beginning of anarchy is the passing of laws in opposition to and violation of the letter and/or spirit of the constitution, and it lies also in the enforcement of those laws in violation of the Oath. Don’t put this in the shoulders of those who uphold those principles and remain faithful in their Oaths.

        This is all on the antis; they are the rebels. They rebel against the “perfect law of liberty”, lifting themselves up as superior to it. This, and whatever horrors come next, is on their hands.

        So it is that the seeds, or beginnings of anarchy as you put it, were planted generations ago. Those seeds have sprouted and have grown, is all. And what else could anyone have ever expected, given that those plantings (of collectivist authoritarianism) were never uprooted? Seriously; who ever thought this would turn out any other way, for aren’t we beginning to see its fruits; its one and only purpose, which is desolation?

        No; the Civil War never ended. The shooting was temporarily suspended, but the war continues, and it’s the same old Democrat Party mindset (the mind of Cain, or of Herod) as the perpetrator. This time though, the Republican Party will have joined with them for the most part, along with more and stronger foreign interests.

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  3. Or perhaps this is a solution to the authoritarian rule of the leftist?

    “Sauce for the Goose, Mr. Savik.”

  4. I expect a certain wailing, gnashing of teeth, and wild-eyed screaming from the Leftists as they feel the agony and embarrassment of seeing their Rules for Radicals applied against them. 😀

    • “I suspect the District Attorney can charge without a cooperating city police.”

      Yes, but the police collect the evidence that is presented to the DA. Although some DAs do have their own investigators, they would still need some sort of starting point. Someone is going to have to snitch.

  5. One here asked how to support the wonderful town & people of Republic…go there, eat there, stay there. When there, go to the Police Dept. & the City Gov. buildings & tell all you see there about your respect, admiration, & your appreciation for what they’re doing. Take a Cop or City Official to lunch!
    I motorcycle ride with a group of guys every summer. All but one have CCL’s, & all but one carry. Anytime we’re in North East Washington, we have stayed in Republic on our trips, & always enjoyed it.

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