Quote of the day—Kris Brown

Just getting a vote in the House on background checks, which hasn’t happened in more than a decade, would be “monumental.”

We’ll know by Nov. 7 whether it really has changed or not and I think we’ll wake up and find that it has.

Kris Brown
October 25, 2018
Co-president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Gun control, once a third rail, now a key issue as Democrats seek to control House
[See also this QOTD by Brown as well.

I queued up this post on October 26th for publication on November 8th. So… how well did Ms. Brown predict the future? Did she get it right or, as usually is the case, are the anti-gun people routinely waking up in an alternate reality?—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kris Brown

  1. It appears she got it right. The House, under Pelosi, will almost certainly pass some sort of onerous UBC (although not likely worse than what we already have in Washington.) It won’t make it through the Senate, of course. In fact, I would expect to see a flood of really bad anti-gun legislation issuing from Congress – fortunately it won’t be enacted as law.

    • Not sure I’d count on Romney, Murkowski or Collins, maybe a few others, to be unwaveringly pro 2nd rights.

      • It’s hard to think of any Congresscritters, R included, who are unwavering on the right to keep and bear arms. Collins and Romney certainly are among the worst, but there are many more not much better.

    • Presumption of guilt has to do with being charged with a crime. I think the legal phrase, which will get more traction, in this case is “prior restraint”.

      But, I’m not a lawyer.

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