Quote of the day—Stephen Paolini

The federal government has established you have to be 21 to purchase a handgun. It seems to me absurd that you can be 18 years old and purchase a group of firearms that, when used in crimes, contribute to 135% more injuries and 37% more deaths.

Stephen Paolini
Campaign Manager at I-1693
Lawsuits to ballot: Washington set for gun control vote
[Fact: In 2017 Washington had one murder attributed to the use of a rifle, 75 to the use of handguns, 36 to the use of a knife or cutting instrument, and 18 to hands, fists, feet, etc. This fact is from the 2017 FBI Uniform Crime Report.

Technically, Paolini may actually be correct. Notice the “when used in crimes” phrase. The thing is, it’s extremely rare for this class of guns to be used in crimes. Paolini is deliberately being extremely deceptive. It is an integral part of the anti-gun culture.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Stephen Paolini

  1. They say that 1693 doesn’t infringe your right to keep and bear arms.
    If that’s true, than a law requiring a woman to get the approval of her spouse (financially interested party), parents (potential grandparents), priest (character witness to moral decision making), and employer (sick time and possible future worker), doesn’t infringe on your right to an abortion.

    Rights… I do not think it means what you think it means… /inego montoya

    • Or, flip that around. She should have to get the same permissions to even HAVE a child. Think of the long-term social, economical, and sustainability issues associated with having a baby. Aborted or alive, children have far more societal and environmental impacts than go guns. Ban children! For the children!

      Or at least submit to a licensing scheme, limits on the number and type of children you can have etc. Like China – that paragon of human rights.

  2. It’s incredibly absurd. Now lets fix this injustice and allow 18 year olds to purchase handguns.

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