Quote of the day—Elizabeth Weitz‏ @ebethisawesome

Serious question, if I punched McConnell in the face with, let’s say a huge dildo, until his face broke open and the fucking sentient turd working him from inside spilled out, how much prison time am I looking at? I’m willing to go up to 100 years.

Elizabeth Weitz‏ @ebethisawesome
Tweeted on October 6, 2018
[Upon reading this my first thought was, “That will come up at your trial.

Why are progressives so violent? Oh, now I remember. See also here.—Joe]


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  1. My reaction is “that depends on whether you survive the attempt”. What she’s describing is an assault with intent to murder, which obviously authorizes self defense by deadly force.

    • I doubt deadly force would be required to stop such a ineffective attack and she would be dragged off to jail before it was realized it was attempted murder. Hence this tweet coming up at her trial.

  2. And the phrase, “huge dildo” seems to implicate Markley’s Law, unless she somehow thinks that beating someone with 16 ounces of plastic does not count as assault with intent to do great bodily injury, but she eliminates that defense by referring to breaking his head open exposing his brain.

  3. Quotes by Famous Liberals:
    Joseph Stalin-“You have to break some eggs to make an omelet.”
    Mao Tse Tung-“All power flow from the barrel of a gun.”
    Adolph Hitler-“Today Germany tomorrow the World.”
    Nikita Khrushchev-“We will bury you.”

    Feel free to add you own favorites.

  4. Elizabeth Weitz‏ armed with a weaponized phallus vs. the Capitol police appropriately armed with defensive weaponry. Now, who is the likeliest party who will be taking a shot to the face?

  5. It astonishes me that people are willing to post garbage like that under their correct names. Are they pining for FBI files to be opened on them?

    Then again, with a handle like Ebeth Is Awesome, I suspect she’s about fourteen years old.

    • By that age I already knew saying things like this was wrong … as well as a bad idea.

      But then, I was raised right.

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