Quote of the day—L.B. Zumpshon

Until we can get comprehensive education and deal with toxic masculinity head-on, and/or the U.S. gets some sensible gun control laws in place, I believe the only solution is for a law to be passed that only lets women buy and own guns.

L.B. Zumpshon
September 4, 2018
We Need Man Control as Much as Gun Control to Stop Mass Shootings
[What she conveniently ignores:

  • The percentage of mass shooters who are leftists is close to that of those who are men. Using the same logic one could concluded that all leftists or leftist men should be banned from gun ownership.
  • Rights belong to individuals. Just because everyone else in a group abuses a right does not justify the infringement of that right for individuals who have not abused it.

But, as has been known for many decades, in every socialist/communist utopia there are always some animals which are more equal than others.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—L.B. Zumpshon

  1. Believe what you like, lady… it’s a (relatively) free country.

    I’ll tolerate your silly thoughts until you tred on my Rights, then it becomes visceral.

    “Toxic masculinity”… jeez…

  2. Until women like her actually become educated on the benefits of critical thinking, I think the only reasonable solution is to go back to the good ol’ days when women were deprived of the privilege of voting. How’s that?

  3. A few things:

    On voting: I recall reading that there were originally laws restricting voting rights to property owners, on the theory that only people who actually had “skin in the game” should determine the RULES of the game. Let’s bring that back with a twist: Only those paying taxes get to vote. Completely on the dole? On your 50th week of unemployment benefits? Sorry. You don’t get to tell the working stiffs how to spend their income.

    On the Utopia thing: I’ve actually read Utopia, written by Sir Thomas More (1516, translated from the Latin). Interestingly, the Utopians made copious use of slavery. Perhaps those pushing for Utopia should be asked to support it in the manner intended?

    • Great idea about skin in the game.

      In a similar fashion Heinlein in Starship Troopers made the case that those who served in the military and put their life on the line had the right perspective to protect humanity and thus had the right to vote.

      If you are a parasite living off of the state, of course you will vote for more socialism.

    • You’ve hit on one of my favorite suggestions when it comes to determining voter eligibility.

      Be a net positive contributor. If you’re getting more from the “gubmint” than you’re contributing, you don’t get to vote.

      Todays methods literally have the inmates running the asylum.

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