This could never be abused

Five-Eyes nations to force encryption backdoors

The governments of Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand have made the strongest statement yet that they intend to force technology providers to provide lawful access to users’ encrypted communications.

As part of that, the countries that share intelligence with each other under the Five-Eyes umbrella agreement, intend to “encourage information and communications technology service providers to voluntarily establish lawful access solutions to their products and services.”

While the statement says the five countries “are committed to an open, safe and secure internet”, it also calls for the tech industry to develop solutions that prevent illegal and illicit content from ever being uploaded.

Where there has been a failure to prevent uploads of undesirable material, tech vendors should develop capabilities to execute urgent and immediate takedowns of such content.

Human and automated systems should be developed to seek out and remove legacy content, the Five-Eyes nations said.

Capabilities to counter foreign interference and disinformation are also to be developed.

Great timing. Government repression of how to build legal products are a sensitive topic right now.

And about the “disinformation” topic. One can be fairly certain this is not aimed at, or be enforced against, those lying anti-gun people. Who does history tell us these tools will be used against? Minorities and those who are out of political power.

If they go down this path it will not end well for anyone. Regarding my encryption keys… molṑn labé.


6 thoughts on “This could never be abused

  1. “…voluntarily establish lawful access solutions…”

    Aww. That focus group/psy-op/think tank phraseology sounds so nice, doesn’t it? They certainly deserve credit for that much.

    (clap, clap, clap…) Yay; nice going, Liars and Scumbags. Keep attacking the honest, productive people, using the criminals you’ve been breeding, inculcating, importing and supporting as the pretext. Awesome tactic you have going there! I bet it’ll even work! (it certainly has so far)

  2. Beyond the obvious abuses that such a policy would lead to, why do we trust the Five Eyes with anything. At least 3 of the 5 (including the US agencies) interfered in the election. Maybe the other two did too and we just don’t know about it yet. The UK which is the 2nd biggest is also the 2nd biggest problem by a wide margin. The UK agencies were into Fusion GPS up to their eyeballs. And has anyone asked how it was that the principal had so many friends in the Russian agencies. Does anyone remember the Cambridge Five?

  3. They claim they want a secure internet and they also want back doors. Obviously, that’s nonsense, and if they have any competence at all, they know that perfectly well. If there are back doors, the bad guys will get the keys to them.
    This is why back doors will not happen. The US spooks attempted it several decades ago and the attempt went down in flames, so thoroughly hardly anyone even remembers what it was called.

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