Quote of the day—Ramishah Maruf

It’s time to stop using video games as a deflection from conversations about responsible gun control. Video games shouldn’t even be in the conversation because it distracts us from the hard truth: easy access to guns is the main reason for mass shootings.

It takes a special train of thought to come to the conclusion that an animated video game is more to blame for shootings than the actual weapon used. Is America really that blinded by their love for the Second Amendment?

Ramishah Maruf
August 30, 2018
Video games have no relevance to mass shootings
[It’s interesting how she substitutes one class of objects, video games, which probably didn’t have much of an effect on the mental illness of the perpetrator, for another object, firearms, which certainly didn’t cause the mental illness.

That takes a very special kind of train of thought. At first you might think her train was functioning properly then you find it was going backward.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ramishah Maruf

  1. If you admit there is evil in the world and you won’t prepare yourself to confront it, it does make you look like a coward. Better to say an object has bad karma and just ban it.

  2. Never ceases to amaze how these morons actually believe that making something illegal makes it unavailable. France HAS the “gun laws” that
    the libtard morons seek yet it is childs play for terrorists there to acquire AND USE fully automatic AK47 weapons. We can’t keep heroin, meth and cocaine
    out of our middle schools. Only an abject moron would actually believe outlawing guns would keep people from getting one.

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