Quote of the day—FedUp

I don’t really have a need to download them.

I’m just downloading them because some black robed cocksucker in Seattle doesn’t think I have the right to do it.

August 1, 2018
Comment to Gun Controllers, Politicians and Judges Think They Can Stop the Free Flow of Information. They’re Wrong.
[Further developments here and here.

You can also get everything you want here.—Joe]


14 thoughts on “Quote of the day—FedUp

  1. So very true. Every time I see an article telling me that some clown says I can’t have 3D gun files I go download some more of them.

    Last night I was thinking about the psychology of me doing this and determined that it was merely market forces. So the question is; Does this prove supply and demand signals within markets? I believe that it does. Isn’t Capitalism a beautiful thing? It just functions, free of interference or control or artificiality. It also occurred to me that as soon as they get around to actually banning them all together I will immediately start selling the ones I have. Tick Tock…

    Oh, and prohibition doesn’t work. Duh.

  2. There is an even easier way to get a firearm than to 3D print one. Take yourself to a pawnshop or gun store or Gunbrokers.com and pay for one, and THEY GIVE IT TO YOU, if you can have one legally. Instant firearm! The horror – the horror!

    This whole issue is simply another effort to demonize legal gun ownership and to equate legal gun ownership with murder. To hell with them, to hell with that.

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  4. I wonder if flooding the judges inbox with copies of said files would make an impression…

  5. The Seattle judge should receive that comment as a letter from every single one of the millions of people who have downloaded the files. Just to prove what a monumental idiot he truly is.

    • There are actually all kinds of new designs and variations and innovations. 2012? Your talking ancient history.

      • I only downloaded them because I could. No way to print them. I build my ARs from 80% lowers.
        I do have newer versions of the files also from 2015.
        All the AR files including the machine drawings (drafting table type, D Size) of the one with extra holes.

        • OOPS!
          Loaded the file with the extra holes into a viewer and it’s actually “F” Size. 28″ X 40″

  6. I’m just downloading them because some black robed cocksucker in Seattle doesn’t think I have the right to do it.
    That’s the attitude that made America the destination of everyone around the world who wants liberty and the chance to rise.
    It’s also the attitude that made Americans the people of whom Europeans still say, “For Americans, anything is possible.”

  7. Let’s recognize the judge’s decision for what it is. It is idiot signalling. The judge and 25 attorney general’s, elected by Soros contributions no doubt, are signalling that they are very useful idiots. Gun owners in the various states should remember this come the next election for these idiots.

    It’s been my observation that the social media conservative filters do not understand sarcasm. One can make very pointed comments while seemingly supporting the agenda.

  8. I don’t have a mill or lathe. I don’t know how to machine, although I really wish I did.

    I downloaded all of the files at code is free speech for the same reason as FedUp.

  9. And then there are those 80% units sold at OSH and Home Base and other places.
    Hmmm, Home Base is gone, Osh is closing, can that third Merchant of Death Home Depot be far behind? You’re buying short lengths of pipe in a diameter that approximates 9mm? Let’s do a background check, and inspect your garage.*

    *My brother has a sign in his garage that says, “You never know when you’ll have to rebuild civilization with the contents of your garage.”

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