Religious extremists

While not all people will agree it appears to me that one critical component of religion is faith. Where faith is defined as:

belief that is not based on proof

And perhaps even further:

a belief in spite of proof to the contrary.

As one datum I offer this from Martin Luther (if you have the time read the entire post because it is exactly on point for the conclusions of this post):

Die verfluchte Hure, Vernunft.
(The damned whore, Reason).

The political left has their belief that socialism/communism is a superior form of government to any other. This is without convincing proof and, in fact, in spite of proof to the contrary. While I don’t know the belief system of members of ISIS as well as I do that of the political left in the U.S. I imagine their faith is similarly immune to factual refutation.

Hence I submit, via email, from Rolf the following memes:



There is a reason the political left defends ISIS. They are kindred spirtis.


2 thoughts on “Religious extremists

  1. What we see going on in this country is Trick #1 from the Poliltician’s Play Book, which was copyrighted about ten thousand years ago (more or less). That trick is, “Give the people a common enemy to hate, and they will unite behind you in hating that enemy.” It works, and it requires no thinking, no REASONING, on the part of those who fall in line and hate as they are told.

    Today, the left is commanded to hate capitalism in general, and Donald Trump in particular. The astounding irrationality here is that they hate the methodology which produces what they want the gubmint to provide to them for free, and they hate the champion of that methodology. They want the golden eggs, but they want to kill the goose that lays them and the people who feed the goose.

    There is no cure for this, as it requires, on the part of those who do not think, that most detestable of all human activities, the intolerable labor of thought.

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