Quote of the day—Kaitlin Bennett

Repeal all gun laws. We can prevent gun violence if we stop prohibiting non-violent people from getting guns. Gun control only hurts law abiding citizens.

Kaitlin Bennett
August 15, 2018
‘Repeal all gun laws,’ says Kent State’s rifle-carrying graduate behind viral photo
[This was in response to the question:

How can tragedy resulting from gun violence be prevented in the future?

Also, in response to the question:

Parkland survivors and other March for Our Lives organizers have been registering young people to vote and advocating gun-control in a nationwide tour, what would you want to say to them?

She replies:

If I had to say something to them, it would be come and take it.

It appears she has her act together. I wish I could afford to pay her way to Idaho for Boomershoot 2019 to be our dinner speaker.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kaitlin Bennett

  1. Ooooh, another ‘repeal all gun laws’ dead ender. I like her. Good girl.

    So, I ask again; when will the NRA demand the immediate and total repeal of all gun laws in the US?

  2. “Gun control only hurts law abiding citizens.”

    OK, let’s all say it together, loud and clear;
    “Well duuuh!”

    Harming the law abiding, or to be more specific, the good and honest (for when Man’s law departs from God’s law there becomes a difference between good on one hand and law–abiding on the other) has been the one and only purpose of all weapon restrictions throughout all of the history of Mankind.

    How would corruption, wholesale coercion and confiscation (the Roman mentality) be able to thrive if all the good people were as well armed as the perpetrators? In light of the facts on the ground then, who could fail to understand the ever-urgent necessity, in the “Central Planning Mindset”, for gun restrictions?

    Also, the very source and nature of such questions as “How can WE do this or that to solve this or that problem”, all of which translate as “How can the coercive power and brute force of government best be escalated and justified, using this or that problem as the pretense” are purely of the Central Planning Mentality.

    Nothing good can ever come from such questions, which is why we will continue to spiral into ever encroaching authoritarianism. We know nothing else.

    We long ago forgot that the forces of liberty are under constant assault from the forces of evil. Now it’s come down to the various forms or iterations of authoritarianism battling one another for dominance and we think it’s the same thing. No doubt; it feels like the same thing…

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