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The gun control advocates may not realize it, but they lost the fight long ago. It’s all over but the shouting.

In the meantime, as the war of words continues, there sits DD’s founder, Cody Wilson, having more fun than should be legally allowed. Like a mischievous adolescent waving a laser pointer, he has the gun control cats racing in circles knocking over furniture and banging into walls as they try to catch and hold the elusive bouncing red dot of readily available firearms. Due to the efforts of Wilson and his little company, the government is once again being exposed as a lumbering and ineffectual colossus. All in all, it’s a dramatic public demonstration of the limits of government power and the fecklessness of those who worship at its altar.

And from out here in the cheap seats, it sure is fun to watch.

George Parry
August 6, 2018
The Utter Futility of Gun Control
[While it is futile in the sense of keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals it is possible to make life difficult for those who wish to be able to keep and bear arms openly.—Joe]


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  1. Joe, your observation is right on the mark, as shown every day by the carnage in Chicago and the politicians who created it and preserve it.

  2. Sure, they’ve “lost the fight” in terms of having been proven wrong over and over again, but why should that stop them? Isn’t being wrong their whole point, and their motivation?

    Pointing out that they’re wrong is a bit like pointing out to a bank robber that he’s wrong, and that, by the way, Mister Bank Robber; also, you’re breaking the law. He’s going to look at you like you’re the most clueless, blithering idiot he’s ever met.

    There was a high speed chase last weekend hereabouts, in which a motorcycle rider evaded several police and sheriff’s departments. They even set up to intercept, and to block the way, but he got around and past all of them and got away. I’m pretty sure he knew he was doing something wrong! but his response was to flip them the bird and open the throttle.

    And here we are, like clueless, blithering idiots, saying to such people, “Hey!!! Don’t you know? You’re exceeding the speed limit!!!

    As if they’d slow down if only we could get them to see the speed limit signs. As if the authoritarian, Marxist, anti-rights agitator, coercive redistribution organizations would stop IF ONLY THEY KNEW the degradation, carnage and chaos they’re promoting, IF ONLY THEY KNEW they were unpopular.

    What, in their long history of demonstrated, established behavioral patterns, could possibly make you think they care?

    • Those advocating for gun control will continue despite being called out for claiming to only want to improve public safety when they know they can only accomplish making the lives of non-violent gun owners miserable.

      But what this does accomplish is making the true nature of their advocacy more clear to people who are undecided or not firmly in the anti-gun crowd. More of these “undecided” people will realize the stated goal of the anti-gun people is a lie. Most people don’t want to be associated with someone who is clearly a malicious liar. And this will put more of them on our side of the issue. This will affect how they vote and some politicians will distance themselves from these malicious, lying, gun control advocates. This cannot be a bad thing for us.

      • The anti-liberty statists have lost the battle for gun control, and it’s all over except for the lying, cheating and backstabbing. How else is a loss magically changed into a win for the Leftists?

  3. That laser pointer mentioned in the clip is actually some very clever and doubtless not cheap lawyers. It would be nice if technology could bring down the price of lawyers like it did for lasers, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. The article has a comment pointing to an interesting Washington Times article from 2015, in which DC police chief Lanier is quoted as saying “If you’re in a position to try and take the gunman down, to take the gunman out, it’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there.”
    Of course, it also points out that she “… has enthusiastically supported the city’s efforts to limit handgun ownership”. So she encourages effective self defense while insisting people should be forbidden the tools with which to do so. Unfortunately, I doubt Congress will pass Constitutional Carry for DC anytime soon.

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