Quote of the day—Amy Swearer

President Trump himself tweeted that the idea of approving 3D-printed guns “doesn’t make much sense.”

But the only thing that “doesn’t make much sense” is the hyperbolic response of gun-control advocates to activity protected by both the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution.

Amy Swearer
August 1, 2018
3D guns: Despite the complaints of gun-control advocates, these weapons are protected by the Bill of Rights
[Well… it makes sense if you understand that the gun control advocates want to eliminate the entire Bill of Rights.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Amy Swearer

  1. Trump truly is the master troll.
    His tweet has everybody on both sides of the issue lighting their hair on fire. We have to watch what he does; not what he says. “Doesn’t make much sense,” is a very, VERY long way from, “I’m supporting legislation banning the dissemination of this information.”

    “Trumps supporters take him seriously, but not literally; Trumps detractors take him literally, but not seriously.”
    -somebody smarter than me.

    • “‘Doesn’t make much sense,’ is a very, VERY long way from, ‘I’m supporting legislation banning the dissemination of this information.'”

      Which is what Hillary would have said.

    • His Leftist opponents consider his words to be deeds, and their deeds (ie by the Antifa) to be mere words.

  2. Not just the Bill of Rights but the entire Constitution. What they actually want is closer to “Hamilton’s Plan”. Which unfortunately is not, in practice, all that different from what we have.

    • All except for the part of the Constitution that talks about the right to have abortions.

      • The funny thing is that the SC could have decided that by reference to the 9th Amendment. I suspect they didn’t because that constitutes a can of worms the left didn’t want to open, not even for this.

        • How much Ninth Amendment Case Law is there? Do the Ninth Amendment Lawyers hold their conventions with the Third Amendment Lawyers to get volume discounts on hotel rooms?

          • Probably not much. Prof. Randy Barnett, in his excellent book Restoring the Lost Constitution talks at some length about studying the 9th Amendment in law school, in spite of discouragement from his professors and the claim that it doesn’t mean anything. He comes to a very different conclusion, which was my point.

  3. Technically he tweeted that “3-d plastic guns” don’t make much sense (no mention of printing). Makes more sense to me than a 2d plastic gun 🙂

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