Quote of the day—Sheena Hume Jessee

Man, you are one of the most obsessed gun nuts I have ever seen—your dick must size of a tic-tac!!

Let’s hope.you have an accident real, REAL soon…. you and the rest of your NRA fuckard comrads should do the country a favor and just start offing eachother.

Sheena Hume Jessee
March 25, 2018
Facebook message to Ryan Harris
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

One has to wonder how serious they are about wanting us to change our minds about owning guns when they make it so clear they also want us dead.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sheena Hume Jessee

  1. Such obsession with male anatomy and a predeliction to foul language.

    Intellectually stunted or emotionally stunted.

    Maybe (likely) both?

    Jeff B.

  2. So why again would I want a “conversation” with something I want to kill anyway?

  3. Still waiting for an explanation, from someone with the attitude that Sheena Hume Jessee is emulating, of a) how a firearm is thought to substitute for a penis and, b) why millions of women own guns.

    (Joe; if anyone on that side ever seriously attempts an explanation I would like to see it. I think it would be worth posting)

    We used to be inundated with reasons why the anti-rights people were the compassionate and caring ones. Have they now officially abandoned that narrative? If so, I approve. The notion of being compassionate in opposing basic rights has always been ridiculous. This new, more vociferous, irrational and violent image is a much more honest representation of the authoritarian alliance (confederacy).

    Also, is there a single one of the Ten Commandments that the confederacy doesn’t regularly and blatantly violate, either in rhetoric or as a matter of public policy? I believe it is worth asking the question. If there were an antiChrist among us, for example, surely it would be violating all of the commandments while appearing to be good and righteous and fair and all the rest. It would be different from all other governments (kingdoms), world leaders would bow down to it, and it would have sway world-wide.

  4. We can’t off each other. We were all spellbound by the witch David Salisbury from hurting anyone. Did that go the way you expected?

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