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The way the recording industry killed Napster in the ’90’s was by proliferating file sharing network with defective music files. People got sick of music that had random gaps of silence interspersed during the songs. Unless you were REALLY cheap, you went ahead and spent the $0.99 for the quality version.

How about distributing gun design files with fatal flaws engineered in? The yokels who download these plans would be easily identifiable by eye patches and the lack of several fingers.

July 7, 2018
Comment to Does an Arkansas-born anarchist spell the end of gun control with printable firearms?
[Anti-gun people want gun owners to be maimed and/or killed.—Joe]


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  1. I doubt that clown is an engineer, unlike many of the people who would be using the design files he’s talking about. Spotting defects like that isn’t hard for a skilled person. Then one could bring conspiracy to commit grave bodily harm charges against the perpetrator.

    • You think it takes an engineer to find these defects? Even a high school dropout can figure out putting the gun in a vice and pulling the trigger with some string, then posting a review. I wouldn’t use a design that hadn’t been test fired even if John Browning himself designed it… and I frankly doubt he didn’t test things with vice and string first.

      Even if that weren’t the case, none of these people gungrabbers have the skills to make something that looks remotely right. Either A: they mod an existing design… which changes the hash and tells everyone to stay clear of it
      b: a non-American government (because nobody else has contact with gun engineers willing to attack the gun industry), likely through their “intelligence agency”, pays people who can actually make a gun to make reasonable seeming fakes… which are ignored in favor of proven designs. Why the hell would anyone choose a random design (beyond the above mentioned reviewer with a vice and string) when there are proven ones which dealing with an item that hasn’t had any fundamental tech change or non-material improvements since the 60s.

  2. So, return the favor and start doxing prominent gun controllers on Antifa website claiming they are closet NAZI’s. It wouldn’t be a lie.

    • The 2 antifa websites in Maine are CLOSED to outsiders! My speculation its the same in other states. They probably put “newbies” through several layers of vetting, starting with friend of a friend of a friend…..

  3. Interfere, agitate, disrupt, coerce. That’s the leftist mindset, and it’s based primarily on envy and covetousness, which lead to hate.

  4. Right – I’m smart enough to figure out how to run a 3D printer or CNC machine, but too dumb to notice that the barrel diameter for the 9mm I’m printing has an 8mm bore. Derp….

    Hey, here’s a thought. How about infiltrating the priveleged, black hooded protesting groups and passing out Ex-Lax brownies? About the same level of mentality.

    • No, actually to match their level of evil they would have to be cyanide brownies. Or at least LSD-laced ones.

      • I was going to say that. Start flooding the nation with street drugs that are laced with poison. Same thing, right?

        The scary part, and one of the reasons I left grad school, is the professors were liberal nut jobs. Our professor in behavioral medicine once gave a two hour lecture on how the Republicans, led by Ronald Reagan, purposely began and managed the AIDS epidemic as a way of controlling minorities and women. They are TRUE believers.

        • Recall that our government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition and figured those that died drinking it illegally deserved it.

          • Don’t forget,

            George Bush blew up the levees in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina.

    • You can’t 3D print a gun barrel unless you are laser sintering it on a $100,000 plus CNC 3D metal printing machine. Then again, maybe you have one.

      • I’m wondering if a MarkForged machine would work for that, with its capability of laying down reinforcing fiber. It seems that a decent quantity of Kevlar fiber reinforcement would go a long way. Those machines sell for under $10k.

  5. It shows a mindset but Defens pegs it, folks who can figure out mills are going to notice. I have little experience (yet) with this, do the open source files have any trust system built in? Seems like that’s something you could do.

    • The fundamental trust model in open source is the “million eyeballs” concept. Since the designs are visible to anyone who cares to look, they can be checked by anyone who’s interested in doing so. This is why operating systems like Linux have good security records in spite of their complexity.
      Apart from that, design files can have digital signatures placed on them. Some systems like GIT facilitate this, but it can be done with any file. Those signatures can be validated via a “web of trust” of published signature certificates. For example, John Doe could post his PGP key (or its fingerprint, if it’s already on a key server) and a number of other people who know him could sign it. Then whenever he commits a file to Github, or wherever the file might happen to go, he’d sign it, and anyone could verify that yes, the signature is correct, so assuming that John didn’t accidentally give away his private key, that file was indeed created by John and hasn’t been modified by anyone.

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  8. The way the recording industry killed Napster in the ’90’s was by proliferating file sharing network with defective music files.

    That is absolutely not what killed Napster. What “killed” Napster was being sued into the ground and then sold off. Defective music files? Pfft. If you got one of those (and that’s a big if; any defective files seeded by the industry were vastly outnumbered by non-defective files), you deleted it and tried the next one on the search list.

    Unless you were REALLY cheap, you went ahead and spent the $0.99 for the quality version.

    THAT is what put a damper on (but did not kill) music piracy. Prior to going to the 99 cents per song model, the music industry was charging a stupid amount of money per song or per album, and watching as most people decided it was easier to simply pirate it.

    Thing is, music piracy is still around. Hell, it’s easier now thanks to YouTube. It’s just not as rampant because the music industry adapted their business model to better fit the internet.

    So yeah, go ahead and base your gun control efforts on a complete misunderstanding of history. And while you’re at it, please don’t throw me in that briar patch.

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  10. There was a urban rumor that there were some purposeful errors in the Anarchist Cookbook for the same reason. Never owned or tried any of the plans in the AC.

    • I know that the Anarchist Cookbook uses some incorrect terminology in places. IIRC it calls some things catalysts that are actually fuels in some of the recipes for explosives. I never trusted it after seeing that.

  11. It’s time to face facts..

    These Radical Leftist Anti Gun Liberals have no limits to how far they are capable of going in seeing their utopian Gun Free world come into reality.

    The use of violent sabotage is simply another tool in their arsenal war chest in seeing their “Bunny Land” pipe dream come true.

    This, if nothing else – welds my guns even stronger into my hands, and if you are a true American, you share this sentiment with me.

    No doubt about it, these people are dangerous!

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