Wireless devices for home protection

As an electrical engineer specializing in communications I have a certain bias when I hear the word “wireless”. The “Internet of Things” and the involvement of those sort of things in home security is a big thing these days. Because of the surprise of context switch with this image I received from Rolf a while back I thought it was very funny:



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      • Point-and-bang interface? Ah but the click is always there in either instance. You refer to the absence of that bang which is supposed to accompany the click. That the bang overwhelms the click in its magnitude does not eliminate said click.

        • Exactly. We call it point-and-click to needle the hipsters who think everything can be done bloodlessly via computer interface.

  2. A wireless device which delivers a quantum message at a distance via the air. There are different types and styles of messages that may be delivered, some messages being more powerful than others, or delivered with greater or lesser precision.

    Yes, it is a communication system. Basically its messages tend to reinforce numbers six through ten of the Ten Commandments, and may have strong connotations toward the first five. Which of course is why authoritarians hate the notion of their would-be subjects owning guns. It may be extremely difficult to believe that it is as simple as all that, but don’t dismiss it as a possibility.

    In perusing the question, “If this is a metaphor, then it is a metaphor for…what?” I have looked at caliber and platform selection, bullet-making and sizing, load development and testing, and practice as very much a typology of a system of communication for some time now, and the implications abound and seem to grow.

    Is it a joke? Funny as it may be, the comedy is serious business. Certainly the forces of darkness have been taking it very seriously, to the extent that they’re ready and willing to kill over it.

  3. Lies! Springs are wires. Recoil spring, magazine spring, trigger spring – all wires.

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