Rounds in the last month

I reloaded 797 rounds of .40 S&W this month. It was all 180 grain Montana Gold JHP to be used for practice at indoor ranges. This was not nearly as much as I had hoped for. Things have been very busy on a variety of fronts and I just didn’t have the time to reload as much as I wanted. I did most of my practice with a .22 pistol instead of the .40.

This brings my lifetime reloaded ammunition totals to:

223: 4,813 rounds.
30.06: 756 rounds.
300 WIN: 1,591 rounds.
40 S&W: 83,504 rounds.
45 ACP: 2,007 rounds.
9 mm: 21,641 rounds.
Total: 114,312 rounds


2 thoughts on “Rounds in the last month

  1. I’m thinking about getting into reloading.
    Used to reload shotgun shells when I was young.
    My buddy got a reloader for xmas and we made great use of it.

    Now days I’m looking at loading 9mm, 45acp, and 5.56 or 223.
    Curious why you reload 223 over 5.56?


    • None of my reloading manuals (Hodgdon, Hornady, Sierra, Speer, and Vihtavuori) have 5.56. They are rather old but I first started reloading for my AR in 1998 and I don’t remember if I even tried to find 5.56 loads or dies. I now have these dies and loads and haven’t considered 5.56.

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