Barb proposed!

Today, at 11:00 AM, while on top of the peak “The Watchman” overlooking Crater Lake Barb said, “I want to talk.”

This was the view from our vantage point over the lake:


Okay. This is a little odd. She can talk as much as she wants whenever she wants. Why is she announcing this now?

“I want to talk about our relationship.”, she continued.

I was seriously confused now. I thought things were fine. And why at this semi-public location does she want to have what appears to be a very serious conversation about our relationship? Is she breaking up with me? What did I do?!!!

I didn’t have to wait long. She explained, “Since my food intolerance went away I have decided I want to be married now.”

Oh! OH!!!!

I was all choked up and could barely talk.


She then got down on one knee and said, “Would you do me the honor of being my husband?”

I gave her a hug and said, “Yes, of course.”

This picture was taken a few minutes later from the same place:


The picture below was taken from across the lake a few hours later. There are two peaks above and to the left of Wizard Island. The second peak to the left is the one we were on when she proposed. Excellent choice!