Quote of the day—Mr. Drew for 2018‏ @nofaith313

Jesus you really need to get over your little penis.

Mr. Drew for 2018‏ @nofaith313
Tweeted on June 9, 2018 in response to:

[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

For some reason they always find ways to amaze me in their ability to change the subject into their obsession with penis size.—Joe[


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mr. Drew for 2018‏ @nofaith313

  1. I don’t think she has to worry about having a penis.

    Best to be sure, though. More pictures with less clothing.

  2. “Mr. Drew’s ” penis obsession co- relates to his rectal reception of said organ!

  3. I feel I’ve suddenly been transported back into junior high school in the 1970s.

    You do have to give the criminal class some credit though; vacuous and childish as they may be, look at how they can so readily get their opposition sidetracked and jumping right into the gutter with them.

    Well, all that, plus they rule the world. When such childishness and utter insanity literally rules the world, what does that say about us? How pathetic must we be for that to be the case?

    Maybe it doesn’t say anything about us. Maybe the criminally insane will rule the world no matter what, but it does sort of beg the question, no?

    We could at a minimum refuse to participate. And yet look at how easily they get us to engage with them.

  4. At least they were clever enough to make a rhyme. Beyond that, they are idiotic.

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