Quote of the day—John Lott

Gun control advocates are used to getting their way without having to address the stronger arguments made against their proposals. That doesn’t create a productive dialogue, and it doesn’t help us figure out what laws will actually save the most lives.

John Lott
June 1, 2018
Little evidence to support the efficacy of more gun control
[It is quite clear to me that a large number of gun control advocates aren’t interested in saving lives. They are interested in “poking a stick in gun owner’s eyes” and/or enabling criminals. These criminals vary from individuals to a tyrannical government). Hence, to address your arguments in terms of “saving lives” is totally missing the point.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Lott

  1. “…figure out what laws will actually save the most lives.”

    Uh, no; wrong mindset, wrong metric. The words “figure out” suggest that the “smarter” people are duty bound to ally with one another and use their superior intellect for the purpose of running the lives of us “dumber” people.

    Equally bad and ultimately as deadly is the notion that “saving lives” is the job of the aforesaid “smarter” people. That’s the Safety Nazi’s theology. It was written, “…to secure these rights, governments are instituted among Men.” It’s not “to secure our physical safety”.

    If ensuring the “safety of liberty” isn’t the singular priority, come what may, if instead government is going to decide how we should dress before going out lest we catch cold, if we are to be raised and kept healthy and warm by the coercive actions of government, herded like cattle on a ranch by our benevolent and superior over-lords who “know best what is good for us”, then all is lost to decay and mass destruction.

    And that of course is the plan. It’s called “authoritarianism” because it insinuates Man’s false authority over us as a substitute for reality. It robs us of everything which makes us human. No matter how many “lives are saved”, all lives are lost to the rape and plunder of the mind and soul. It’s not America. It’s Rome.

    All that being said, ensuring liberty is the only way to save lives. But it’s a totally different way of looking at things, compared to the Central Planning mentality that has infected the world.

  2. Law don’t save lives. Never have, never will. Till THAT reality is apparent to those making rules we will NEVER be rid of bureaucratic incompetence, negligence and malice.

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